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  • The importance being Shashi Tharoor even if Congress disagrees

    Broadcast On October 12, 2014

    ...  A little bit of bipartisanship doesn’t weaken the political debate but it does enrich the nation. I hope Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are able to understand that. If they are, Shashi has nothing to worry about. ...

  • It’s deliciously unequivocal, indiscreet, blunt and bold

    Broadcast On November 9, 2014

    ... the best chapters are on Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. It’s here Rajdeep’s verdict is astonishingly unequivocal and blunt. He doesn’t mince his words. He says it boldly and unflinchingly. On 2002 and ...

  • Unimpressed by power and money - that’s the message

    Broadcast On February 15, 2015

    ... a new and credible face. It would take a miracle for that to be Rahul Gandhi. After defeat in 1979, Labour changed leaders 4 times before it returned to power 18 years later. The Conservatives had to go ...

  • Well begun, Mr Gandhi, but the jury is still out on this

    Broadcast On April 26, 2015

    Has Rahul Gandhi returned a new, reinvigorated and forceful politician? Or are first impressions beguiling but deceptive? The Congress Party has no doubt the answer is a resounding yes. But that’s to be ...

  • Grace in defeat, a lesson from Britain for Indian politicos

    Broadcast On May 17, 2015

    ... that their parties cannot recover under a defeated and discredited leader. How different that is to the way we respond. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi reduced the Congress to just 44 seats but the very thought ...

  • Let’s face it: We, Indians, are a highly racist people

    Broadcast On February 14, 2016

    ... girl as a racist incident. The former preferred to see it as road rage. The latter as “just a response to an accident.” But why stop at them? Rahul Gandhi shied away from accepting it was racism whilst ...

  • Keeping quiet on something is not disrespecting India

    Broadcast On April 3, 2016

    ... surrounding it. My point becomes clearer when you recall that four weeks ago Rahul Gandhi berated the Prime Minister for destroying relationships between communities in the name of the flag but when his ...

  • Lessons from London: but will we learn?

    Broadcast On July 10, 2016

    ... to Neville Chamberlain in 1940 and Anthony Eden in 1957. In contrast, nothing makes our failed leaders budge. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi reduced the Congress to just 44 seats in the Lok Sabha and, now, six ...

  • On the Dalit issue, we're hypocrites

    Broadcast On August 21, 2016

    ... 8 were present. Of the government’s 76 ministers 6 were present. Both the PM and Rahul Gandhi were absent. Unfortunately, that’s not all. Even the MPs present were hardly listening to the debate. You ...

  • Demonetisation has not hurt the BJP

    Broadcast On March 5, 2017

    ... “organized loot and legalized plunder”. Rahul Gandhi went on and on about the damage it had done to the economy and the poor in particular. In fact, no one levelled a stronger or more persistent attack ...

  • What Modi meant when he wished Rahul

    Broadcast On June 25, 2017

    ... why he made it?’ So on Monday when the Prime Minister tweeted his birthday greetings to Rahul Gandhi adding “I pray for his long and healthy life” I instinctively sensed there was more to this than immediately ...

  • A new UPA leadership model might just work

    Broadcast On December 10, 2017

    I’ve chosen deliberately to write after Rahul Gandhi’s elevation to Congress President and before the Gujarat election results are announced. The first makes this pertinent whilst the second could render ...

  • It's not in our political culture to say sorry

    Broadcast On May 6, 2018

    ... are by no means saints. They’re all sinners and they’re all in denial. Khurshid spoke the truth and Rahul Gandhi had the strength of character to defend him. I applaud that too. In fact, 12 years ago, ...

  • Karnataka could hold the key to 2019 polls

    Broadcast On May 13, 2018

    ... national elections in one year’s time? Most people believe two outcomes can be credibly discounted. First, Congress will not get a majority and it’s hard to believe Rahul Gandhi could emerge as prime ...

  • A December election makes sense for Modi

    Broadcast On May 27, 2018

    ... succumb.   The second is that with the exception of little Mizoram, Congress came perilously close to fulfilling Modi’s jibe of PPP. Even though it will remain in power in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi is ...

  • Why two wrongs cannot make a right

    Broadcast On July 8, 2018

    ... the Gujarat killings of 2002 we have to bring up the Sikh slaughter of 1984. If we find fault with Narendra Modi’s rhetoric we balance it with a critique of Rahul Gandhi’s tweets. When we discuss the way ...

  • Rahul must get credit for Congress' Triumph

    Broadcast On December 16, 2018

    ... hindi heartland states has Rahul Gandhi’s image changed? Has he established his political credibility with these successes? My brief answer is yes but let me explain. Even though Congress was battered ...

  • Let the PM candidate debate hang in the air

    Broadcast On December 23, 2018

    No doubt he spoke with the best of intentions but M. K. Stalin made a silly mistake proposing Rahul Gandhi as the opposition candidate for prime minister. He may well want the job but, in recent weeks, ...

  • The SC's position on Sabarimala is correct

    Broadcast On January 20, 2019

    Rahul Gandhi’s recent admission that he’s changed his position on the Sabarimala issue and can now see “validity in both arguments” raises an interesting question: is he being honest or simply politically ...

  • 2019 Polls: There are no early favourites

    Broadcast On February 3, 2019

    ... event the BJP could face a double whammy: losing dalit and OBC votes to SP-BSP and brahmin votes to Congress. Finally, after the budget will Rahul Gandhi’s promise of a minimum guarantee for the poor ...