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  • Why two wrongs cannot make a right

    Broadcast On July 8, 2018

    ... the Gujarat killings of 2002 we have to bring up the Sikh slaughter of 1984. If we find fault with Narendra Modi’s rhetoric we balance it with a critique of Rahul Gandhi’s tweets. When we discuss the way ...

  • What Modi meant when he wished Rahul

    Broadcast On June 25, 2017

    ... why he made it?’ So on Monday when the Prime Minister tweeted his birthday greetings to Rahul Gandhi adding “I pray for his long and healthy life” I instinctively sensed there was more to this than immediately ...


    Broadcast On January 21, 2024

    ... ‘Modi versus who?’ doesn’t end with the default answer Rahul Gandhi. He must make clear he’s not the presumptive prime ministerial candidate and, if necessary, repeat it till it’s accepted beyond doubt. ...

  • Well begun, Mr Gandhi, but the jury is still out on this

    Broadcast On April 26, 2015

    Has Rahul Gandhi returned a new, reinvigorated and forceful politician? Or are first impressions beguiling but deceptive? The Congress Party has no doubt the answer is a resounding yes. But that’s to be ...

  • We need a strong Leader of Opposition

    Broadcast On June 23, 2019

    ... to even though the law says it is. Perhaps this is because it doesn’t want anyone else to have the post if Rahul Gandhi doesn’t take it. Yet Congress could have strengthened its claim by presenting itself ...


    Broadcast On August 21, 2022

    ... entire cabinet but also Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Naveen Patnaik, M. K. Stalin, Nitish Kumar, Conrad Sangma, Farooq and Omar Abdullah. Is it really the case that not one of this lot felt ...

  • Uninformed voting isn’t meaningful democracy

    Broadcast On April 6, 2014

    ... determine those decisions? The answer is very little, if anything at all. That’s why our act of voting falls short of meaningful democracy. It won’t be any different this time. Narendra Modi, Rahul ...

  • Unimpressed by power and money - that’s the message

    Broadcast On February 15, 2015

    ... a new and credible face. It would take a miracle for that to be Rahul Gandhi. After defeat in 1979, Labour changed leaders 4 times before it returned to power 18 years later. The Conservatives had to go ...

  • Understanding Rahul

    Broadcast On March 10, 2013

    The truth is I’m rather impressed by Rahul Gandhi’s recent statements but also a little perplexed. Did he really mean what he said or was this just casual banter? For now, I’m prepared to accept he intended ...


    Broadcast On July 23, 2023

    ... claims the Commission couldn’t send a delegation because of the situation in Manipur. Yet Rahul Gandhi was able to visit. Also women social activists led by Annie Raja. But not the intrepid Commission. ...

  • The ‘clown prince’ and the ‘chaiwallah’s son’

    Broadcast On October 6, 2013

    ... spectacle of displaying their lack of judgement. It’s an ominous portent. Let’s start with Rahul Gandhi. I have no doubt his criticism of the government’s ordinance ‘protecting’ convicted legislators ...

  • The weight of words, spoken and unspoken

    Broadcast On June 28, 2020

    ... the Prime Minister’s Galwan statement, Rahul Gandhi tweeted: “Narendra Modi is actually Surender Modi”. It made me cringe. This was school-boyish rather than statesman-like. At fourteen I would have been ...

  • The SC's position on Sabarimala is correct

    Broadcast On January 20, 2019

    Rahul Gandhi’s recent admission that he’s changed his position on the Sabarimala issue and can now see “validity in both arguments” raises an interesting question: is he being honest or simply politically ...

  • The sad truth about our politicians

    Broadcast On March 2, 2014

    ... Mukesh Ambani’s alleged Swiss bank account numbers without any proof to substantiate the claim? Is it fitting to state Ambani controls Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi? To call Bhupinder Singh Hooda “a property ...


    Broadcast On April 2, 2023

    ... Shakespeare it transforms into the hubris his great tragedies are constructed upon. Either way, it’s a moment that reveals us as ‘the playthings of the Gods’.   That’s what happened to Rahul Gandhi ...

  • The other leadership crisis in the Congress

    Broadcast On September 1, 2019

    Perhaps because attention has sharply focussed on Rahul Gandhi’s resignation and the two month long reluctance of the Congress party to accept he has truly made up his mind, nowhere near enough has been ...

  • The key lessons Mr. Gandhi must learn

    Broadcast On February 2, 2014

    Rahul Gandhi’s interview to Arnab Goswami is bound to be the most widely viewed. Perhaps every english-speaking Indian could end up watching it. Consequently, the impression it leaves behind will be long-lasting ...

  • The importance being Shashi Tharoor even if Congress disagrees

    Broadcast On October 12, 2014

    ...  A little bit of bipartisanship doesn’t weaken the political debate but it does enrich the nation. I hope Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are able to understand that. If they are, Shashi has nothing to worry about. ...


    Broadcast On March 13, 2022

    ... defect’; ‘He’s honest in the most odious sense of the word’; ‘He made his conscience not his guide but his accomplice’. Do you think I should gift Rahul Gandhi a copy of this book?   However, it wasn’t ...

  • The good woman took a fall for UPA-II

    Broadcast On December 15, 2013

    ... Manmohan Singh, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi were not standing. Sheila was and she was felled in their place.” “But that argument could apply to Ashok Gehlot as well?” I wasn’t really picking a hole in Pertie’s ...