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  • Lizards and nuclear explosions

    Broadcast On August 12, 1998

    ... they're forgoten. But, more than that, I mean the ability to rise above parochialisms and fundamentalisms in an attempt to look forward. What's really surprising is that it's a story about a Pakistani ...

  • A time to say thank you

    Broadcast On August 19, 1998

    ... you think I exaggerate ponder on the following : The presidency today thinks that nuclear weapons are a credible deterrent and will make for better relations between India and Pakistan; even more contentiously, ...

  • Sex, hypocrisy and morality

    Broadcast On August 26, 1998

    ... embarrass Pakistan. As an Islamic state - but also because of the way the precedent can be used against them - they can hardly follow suit. That permits us to cosy up to the US of A. Now, what more ...

  • Wrong for the right reasons

    Broadcast On September 16, 1998

    ... even more revealing. I.K. Gujral, Natwar Singh and Surjeet Singh Barnala discuss the question 'In the wake of the nuclear tests should India re-think its relationship with Pakistan?'. Their verbal ...

  • Mea Culpa

    Broadcast On October 14, 1998

    ... he won the Booker prize.  I remember quarrelling over whether he was Indian or Pakistani.  His parents may have migrated to Karachi but the man was as Indian as Pan Parag or Lifebuoy soap. ...

  • Not quite a coup but definitely the next best thing

    Broadcast On October 18, 1998

    ...  Yet for me, of course, the connections are quite straight forward and the development totally logical. I wonder if you would agree? Watching the Pakistani coup unfold on television my mind raced back ...

  • Thanks, but no thanks

    Broadcast On December 2, 1998

    ... was Ashraf Qazi, the Pakistani High Commissioner, beaming with satisfaction. Strapped to his wrist and shining in the Celeste’s sparkling candle light was one of Dr. Joshi’s gold watches. “The problem ...

  • Scent of a man

    Broadcast On December 18, 1998

    ... laughter and the diiscussion simmered down Gill looked at the Pakistani High Commissioner and couldn’t resist sticking-in his own boot. “And don’t for a moment imagine that lot are any different” he ...

  • Liar liar lipstick

    Broadcast On February 8, 1999

    ... refuse invitations. Instead I contrive not to eat once I get there. It’s by no means easy and when your cover is blown it’s ridiculously embarrassing. In the 1980s I happened to entertain a Pakistani ...

  • The Ladies of Lahore

    Broadcast On February 22, 1999

    ... that I could cover the sad events in Kabul for them. The magazine agreed to pay and I chose to make my journey to Kabul across the breadth of Pakistan. I had never crossed the border before although ...

  • The little things one remembers

    Broadcast On March 29, 1999

    ... manicured hands with a pencil-thin Cartier cigarette clasped between her fingers, as she effortlessly explains the complicated nature of Pakistani politics, is perhaps the most vivid memory journalists ...

  • Made for television

    Broadcast On April 5, 1999

    ... simply witty. Watching the behaviour of the spectators at last sunday’s Indo-Pakistan cricket match I realised how profound they in fact are. Here is an example : ‘Those who don’t know how to lose ...

  • Oh to be in England

    Broadcast On May 17, 1999

    ... ! Don’t they sound like us? Pakistanis and Indians are more alike than we care to admit. Of course, we share the same food, language, swear-words and lifestyle but all that you know. What you ...

  • If Generals are in the news then try and beat this one

    Broadcast On May 31, 1999

    ...  In 1971 he led the Indian Army to victory in Bangladesh. At the height of that war when India’s advance on Hilli was effectively stopped by a daring young Pakistani captain Manekshaw found time to ...

  • The things we do but should not and the things we should but don’t

    Broadcast On June 7, 1999

    ... say, you want me to tell you why I’m right and the Pakistanis are wrong? Very well then, sit down and listen but mind you don’t ask silly questions and don’t you dare interrupt. Oh, you missed what I ...

  • The third law of bad luck

    Broadcast On June 14, 1999

    ... the Pakistani army is masterminding the Kargil operation and the threat of war between India and Pakistan often did not merit mention at all. The reputation of the BBC was built on three planks. I ...

  • The Best Regiment in the World

    Broadcast On June 21, 1999

    ... in war with Pakistan. I was sitting in the kitchen and he was watching Abo, my ayah, feed me. “Uday Singh” I asked, “Jab goli aur bomb chalte hein to dar lagta hei?” “Kyo nahin.” “To iska ...

  • Lollipoppery, you and I

    Broadcast On July 5, 1999

    ... to discuss with Pakistan the possibility of converting the LoC into a formal border. He said he would provided Pakistan raised the issue. The next morning The Indian Express went ballistic. ...

  • Desh ke liye marna acha hei

    Broadcast On July 12, 1999

    ...  Their demand that he should return the award given by Pakistan is as unnecessary as it is unjustified. It’s unnecessary because it won’t matter a jot either way. It’s unjustified because it’s a decision ...

  • The problem of Pakistan

    Broadcast On July 19, 1999

    Is Pakistan a failed state? A little news item last sunday brought the question forcefully and irresistibly to my mind. But, to be honest, I don’t have the answer. The best I can offer is the opinion ...