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  • Wrong for the right reasons

    Broadcast On September 16, 1998

    ... even more revealing. I.K. Gujral, Natwar Singh and Surjeet Singh Barnala discuss the question 'In the wake of the nuclear tests should India re-think its relationship with Pakistan?'. Their verbal ...

  • Women in Parliament

    Broadcast On March 11, 2010

    ...  fare far better with Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal at 17, 19 and 33 percent respectively. Little Rwanda actually has 56 percent. The question is: how should India boost the tally? The Women’s ...

  • Women and War

    Broadcast On November 26, 2009

    ... respond to a Chinese or Pakistani invader staring down the barrel of a gun, I have no hesitation in stating the preponderant majority would feel more confident with male soldiers. And that includes ...

  • Wikileaks and Me

    Broadcast On March 23, 2011

    ... of Pakistan, Asif Zardari, allegedly by the then Foreign Minister, Pranab Mukherjee, at the height of the terror attack. Mr. Mukherjee, it’s claimed, threatened an immediate military response. In response, ...

  • Why were the Indo-Pak talks called off?

    Broadcast On September 30, 2018

    There’s no doubt India-Pakistan relations are accident-prone and when they go into a tailspin they usually raise disturbing questions rather than provide meaningful answers. Yet even by these standards ...

  • Why the language you speak matters

    Broadcast On January 21, 2002

    ... for Pakistan’s islamisation. Zia not only spoke fluent urdu, he thought, lived, breathed and was perhaps a creature of the language. When he had to speak to his nation he did not fall back on english ...

  • Why Jalalitha is wrong

    Broadcast On November 5, 2002

    The first time I celebrated Diwali in London was after my marriage. Although Catholic, Nisha considered Diwali and Christmas her favourite festivals. The Pakistani grocers on Portobello Road arranged ...

  • Why India today needs a George Fernandes

    Broadcast On June 14, 2020

    ... security, and when Ashraf Qazi, the Pakistan High Commissioner, was declared persona non grata in 2002 George invited him to dinner the night before his own government ordered him out of the country.   ...

  • Who are the sons and daughters of India?

    Broadcast On January 19, 2020

    ... “Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Christian refugees from Pakistan have as much right over India as you and I. They are the sons and daughters of India. The country will embrace them.” This is based on the fact ...

  • Whither Pakistan

    Broadcast On January 13, 2011

    What is happening to Pakistan? That’s not just a rhetorical question. It’s also one many Pakistanis are asking themselves. An email from a friend expresses the shock, horror and incredulity ...

  • What’s the truth?

    Broadcast On January 20, 2013

    ... yes. On the 10th, The Hindu reported that last year, during a skirmish at Karnah, ““Indian Special Forces responded by attacking a Pakistani forward post, killing several soldiers, and by the account of ...

  • What Union Budget 2021-22 has to tackle

    Broadcast On January 31, 2021

    ... enemy property. These are assets of people who’ve migrated to Pakistan. 49 years ago Pakistan sold-off its enemy property. India has still to do so. Now is the time, says Shah.   I’ll stop here. If ...

  • Well, Mr. Zaidi, for your sake I’ll repeat myself

    Broadcast On November 1, 1999

    ... when the Ambassador is in the front row!” Everyone laughed.  No one misunderstood the joke, not even the large number of Pakistanis in the audience.  But later, at dinner, the Indian ...

  • We, neighbours, are like two peas in the same wretched pod

    Broadcast On February 28, 2016

    I’m writing this sunday morning with my countrymen who bear an antipathy for Pakistan primarily in mind. I doubt if I can change their thinking but it might be worth their while to read an opposite viewpoint. ...

  • We can’t afford to have polls every year in this manner

    Broadcast On November 8, 2015

    ... issues like the meat bans, dalit killings, Dadri lynching and our traditional hostility to Pakistan, I feel a need to support the call to rethink the way we schedule our national and state elections.  ...

  • We are all bound together by the towel

    Broadcast On September 17, 2017

    ...  The bizarre thing is you’ll also find the ubiquitous towel in Pakistan. Indeed I’m prepared to bet it has an equally hallowed place in Bangladesh. So whatever else partition may have done, it hasn’t ...

  • Was Mr. Narayanan right?

    Broadcast On January 31, 2000

    ... almost everything that happens in India with the possible exception of the growing number of white hairs on my head. To be honest I even have my doubts about that. I count a large number of Pakistanis ...

  • Us and them

    Broadcast On September 4, 2004

    Today the final stage of the present round of talks between India and Pakistan will commence. The two foreign ministers will sit face to face. And they will talk. This, of course, is admirable and both ...

  • Unravelling India

    Broadcast On September 8, 2013

    ... Supreme Court judgements about their eligibility, missing files and fixing the PM’s accountability and, of course, ventilating easily manufactured anger against Pakistan. In contrast, Nero only fiddled! ...

  • Understanding Jinnah

    Broadcast On June 9, 2005

    ... necessity of Pakistan. I can’t tell if this was machiavellian politics or a midlife conversion.” “So he ended his life at the other end of the spectrum from where he began?” “No, not quite. Just ...