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  • A welcome change in Mr Modi, but will it last?

    Broadcast On December 13, 2015

    ... at some level, Kashmir, which India considered an attempt to renege on the Ufa agreement, it can’t have been easy for Narendra Modi to effectively bury Ufa and agree on a new architecture for India - Pakistan ...

  • Lessons from London: but will we learn?

    Broadcast On July 10, 2016

    ... or illness might have removed Mr. Vajpayee but Lal Krishna Advani obstinately continued. Even a second defeat in 2009 couldn’t remove him. It was the unstoppable rise of Narendra Modi which, finally, displaced ...

  • Narendra Modi has a tough job in hand

    Broadcast On September 25, 2016

    I can understand the desire to hit back. After all, how often can you turn the other cheek if your assailant keeps striking you? There comes a moment when you have to act or lose your self-respect. A majority ...

  • The Congress has lost its funny bone

    Broadcast On February 19, 2017

    Congress is hopping mad. The Party’s fury has been roused by Narendra Modi’s rhetoric. It believes he’s been rude to Manmohan Singh. It’s demanded an apology and if that isn’t forthcoming Congress has ...

  • No more questions, we're on twitter

    Broadcast On February 26, 2017

    ... have taken to Twitter and made it their favourite form of messaging. It’s not just our own Narendra Modi or Donald Trump that prefer to encapsulate their messages in the 140 characters Twitter permits, ...

  • Are we on the verge of losing Kashmir?

    Broadcast On April 23, 2017

    ... Mufti or Narendra Modi. Yet it should have been writ large and clear for all to see. Does that suggest for them the rapidly deteriorating situation isn’t a priority? It certainly feels like that. The ...

  • Modi can speak a little more to Indian media

    Broadcast On July 23, 2017

    ... Narendra Modi during the five years he spent in India. Some were recorded when Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat but several after he became Prime Minister, including one the night before Modi left for ...

  • Indira: Durga with a sense of humour

    Broadcast On August 13, 2017

    ... nadir and shame – the Emergency. She was the critical factor in both. Today, when many believe that Narendra Modi’s strengths and weaknesses bear resemblance to those of Indira Gandhi, its worth recalling ...

  • A new UPA leadership model might just work

    Broadcast On December 10, 2017

    ... out Narendra Modi? I’ve put it bluntly to emphasize the dilemma I wish to point out. There are many who wish to see the back of Mr. Modi but are disturbed by the prospect of Mr. Gandhi as head of government. ...

  • Karnataka could hold the key to 2019 polls

    Broadcast On May 13, 2018

    ... It’s bound to be a weak and short-lived government. The final question is who will that benefit? Narendra Modi who can credibly claim apres moi le deluge? Or Rahul Gandhi who could symbolize a fresh ...