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  • The sad truth about our politicians

    Broadcast On March 2, 2014

    ... Mukesh Ambani’s alleged Swiss bank account numbers without any proof to substantiate the claim? Is it fitting to state Ambani controls Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi? To call Bhupinder Singh Hooda “a property ...

  • There’s no fool like one who doesn’t know it!

    Broadcast On March 9, 2014

    ... Modi claims Gujarat has electricity “24/7, 365 days of the year” he must believe that farmers who receive 3 phase electricity for only 8 hours, often at night, either can’t hear him or won’t resent this ...

  • Uninformed voting isn’t meaningful democracy

    Broadcast On April 6, 2014

    ... determine those decisions? The answer is very little, if anything at all. That’s why our act of voting falls short of meaningful democracy. It won’t be any different this time. Narendra Modi, Rahul ...


    Broadcast On April 13, 2014

    ... women’s rights. In 1998, when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was its prime ministerial candidate, the BJP committed itself to “one nation, one people, one culture”. But in 2014, with Narendra Modi, a very different ...

  • Could Priyanka’s success become Rahul’s problem?

    Broadcast On May 11, 2014

    ... doubt Priyanka deliberately and consciously enhanced her role. She did it because Rahul was unable to counter Modi on his own. And it happened with the encouragement of her mother, sibling and close advisors. ...

  • Does the Education Minister’s education matter?

    Broadcast On June 1, 2014

    ... matters, possibly above all else, and yet not have a graduate degree. In the case of Mr. Modi’s government, the contradiction between Ms. Irani’s lack of a degree and the claims of its manifesto go one ...

  • What should we make of Narendra Modi?

    Broadcast On June 8, 2014

    As the government completes its first fortnight, are we witnessing a new Narendra Modi, as many believe, or was the media simply wrong in its initial understanding of the man? It’s a question I’ve been ...

  • Amidst the hurrahs, a small warning for Mr Modi

    Broadcast On June 22, 2014

    ... rally around. Often this is the more important part of leadership. Now these  are still very early days but Prime Minister Modi’s silence on three occasions, when his voice should have been heard loudly ...


    Broadcast On August 10, 2014

    ... benefit by doing so. Five days from today is Independence Day. It will be Mr. Modi’s first as Prime Minister. It’s also the perfect opportunity to announce one or two Bharat Ratna awards. To be honest, ...