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  • A wild guess?

    Broadcast On May 6, 2009

    ... And if at that stage Congress is fronted by Rahul Gandhi and BJP by Narendhra Modi, then the latter fits the bill. Secondly, the process that brings Modi to power will fracture or shatter the NDA. ...

  • The smell of cricket

    Broadcast On April 30, 2010

    ... of the aphorism “there are none so blind as those who will not see.” Next, why has only Lalit Modi been suspended whilst the rest of the Governing Council remains in place? If they were ...

  • Saint and Sinner

    Broadcast On April 16, 2011

    ...  guard that’s got him into trouble. Third, Narendra Modi. Not for a moment do I believe praising Gujarat’s development is tantamount to condoning 2002 or exonerating Modi’s role. But what I do find ...

  • As I remember him

    Broadcast On April 29, 2012

    ... assembled by the Report of Narendra Modi’s alleged authorship of the killings. Even more than today, ten years ago this was a bitterly contentious issue. Remember, at the time the Supreme Court had not ...

  • From bad to worse

    Broadcast On September 9, 2012

    ... Modi? I wonder if UPA 2 realizes what they’ve done to our future?      ...

  • The BJP and Mr. Modi

    Broadcast On May 5, 2013

    Will Narendra Modi be the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate at the next elections? This question has started to obsess urban middle-class Indians. Mr. Modi’s ceaseless self-projection has not only made ...

  • An unwelcome visit?

    Broadcast On June 23, 2013

    Why has Narendra Modi decided to visit Uttarakhand? He’s going to spend two full days there. He’s cancelled all his other programmes to do so. Perhaps I’m suspicious, but is this simply a desire to share ...

  • Voices from the BJP

    Broadcast On July 14, 2013

    ... Modi and the Ram Mandir issue make a comfortable fit? Modi presents himself as the man who can deliver growth and good governance. He wants to be seen as the leader of the future. Surely the two decade ...

  • What they didn’t say

    Broadcast On July 28, 2013

    ... is far more important than what they said. Here’s a peek into what they left deliberately unsaid. First, Narendra Modi. He told Reuters he has been given a “thoroughly clean-chit” by the Supreme Court’s ...

  • Lessons the Army can teach Mr. Modi

    Broadcast On September 22, 2013

    There are times when Narendra Modi can be absolutely correct and yet trip himself up. His speech last sunday was a telling example. To a mammoth crowd he declared that the Indian Army is our finest example ...

  • Understanding the Gen. V. K. Singh controversy

    Broadcast On September 29, 2013

    ... valour? The third question concerns the leak: is it a coincidence it happened days after Gen. V.K. Singh appeared on a platform alongside Narendra Modi or is it an attempt to undermine him because some ...

  • The ‘clown prince’ and the ‘chaiwallah’s son’

    Broadcast On October 6, 2013

    ... Narendra Modi. As an opposition leader he has every right to criticize the Prime Minister and it’s his prerogative to do so where, when and how he wants. But if the facts he relies on are wrong he will ...

  • A question about Rahul Gandhi on Diwali

    Broadcast On November 3, 2013

    ... asked. No doubt Rahul is right when he accuses BJP and Modi of seeking political gain from communal violence but he forgets that in 1984 his father’s behaviour was no different. In the elections that ...

  • What ‘Zeeks’ could have taught Mr. Modi

    Broadcast On November 10, 2013

    “When the BJP said Modi would make history, did you realize he would literally make it up?” Pertie was laughing but it was a telling point. “If only someone like Zeeks had taught him he wouldn’t have made ...

  • Modi and Tejpal: Two men in trouble

    Broadcast On December 1, 2013

    In a curious quirk of fortune Narendra Modi and Tarun Tejpal, two bitter opponents, find themselves caught in similar predicaments which are entirely of their own making. Both men have made a bad situation ...

  • Suddenly, Mr. Modi has nothing to say

    Broadcast On December 22, 2013

    “I wonder what Narendra Modi’s stand on Section 377 is?” my colleague Vijay Shaw asked the day the Supreme Court reversed the Delhi High Court’s reading down of this law. At the time I expected the answer ...

  • Pehle AAP? Is that the future?

    Broadcast On January 12, 2014

    ... for AAP to resolve. Opinion polls at the time of the Delhi elections suggested that many AAP voters would opt for Narendra Modi at the national elections. Now, with AAP itself contesting, will they still ...

  • The key lessons Mr. Gandhi must learn

    Broadcast On February 2, 2014

    ... around his neck – Rahul Gandhi needs a credible response to 1984. The key issue is: how can he claim Rajiv Gandhi’s role in 1984 was different to Narendra Modi’s in 2002? If Modi was reluctant to quell ...

  • Mirror, mirror are we the ugliest of all?

    Broadcast On February 9, 2014

    ... Monsters we may not be but angels we definitely are not. I’m glad Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi have spoken out. Others need to do so too. On this issue, quite frankly, silence is unacceptable.  ...

  • How will history remember Arvind Kejriwal’s Aapheaval?

    Broadcast On February 16, 2014

    ... with those for the Lok Sabha. In that event will a Modi wave – assuming its developing, as many do – push AAP aside? Or will AAP be the wind-breaker that successfully resists it? The outcome in May 2014 ...