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  • Cursed Cricket

    Broadcast On February 14, 2011

    ... I dread you eagerly and impatiently look forward to. And, in either case, the same three words sum it up: World Cup Cricket. So, now that I’ve given you fair warning, perhaps you should stop reading. ...

  • Pennies from Heaven

    Broadcast On April 6, 2011

    ... Cup winning cricketers and, to my pleasant surprise, almost everyone responded readily, if not also immediately. So, now, I’m pretty confident I know how most people think! The sms I sent read: “What ...

  • Not quite Cricket

    Broadcast On August 14, 2011

    The truth is I don’t understand cricket and don’t particularly like it either. To me, it’s just elaborate gullidanda. Though I watch when I have no alternative I could just as easily switch off. More often ...

  • A Tiger’s Tale or Tiger burning bright

    Broadcast On October 2, 2011

    ... conditioners or fridges. “I was sure she had everything she wanted but perhaps she could do with another fridge!” Foolishly reaching for a cricket metaphor I continued, “Did you bowl her over?”. Without ...

  • Shoot the media

    Broadcast On November 6, 2011

    ... in the Pakistani Cricketers’ case in London, maintains that just because something is published in a newspaper doesn’t mean it’s true. Justice Katju’s views are similar. First, however, Justice Katju’s ...

  • Imran the Saviour

    Broadcast On November 20, 2011

    ... his solution for Pakistan’s myriad complex problems. Here doubts are bigger. Imran has been a successful cricket captain and he’s built an impressive hospital and university but he’s a novice when it ...

  • Killing me softly

    Broadcast On July 22, 2012

    ... the resumption of India-Pak cricket. Even though the calendar is crowded, with Australia and England both touring in the winter, Pakistan has been squeezed in because India wants to reciprocate. Now, ...

  • Accepting reality

    Broadcast On August 19, 2012

    ... income. In other words, we’re too poor and under-developed to win more medals. I find that hard to swallow. How come this didn’t affect hockey in the 50s and 60s, when we regularly won gold? Or our cricket ...

  • The price of justice

    Broadcast On June 2, 2013

    ... have made millions weep was ignored by TV because they were obsessed with cricket. I caught the story on the BBC. My colleague, Arvind Kumar, found The Times (London) had also reported it. Astonished ...

  • Kapil Dev

    Broadcast On May 10, 2000

    1983 cricket World cup winning captain and former coach of the Indian cricket team on the match fixing scandal. ...

  • Jagmohan Dalmia

    Broadcast On December 19, 2003

    Jagmohan Dalmia, Cricket, BCCI ...

  • Karan Thapar

    ... Awards in December 2000.  The second interview, which was part of the BBC HARDtalk INDIA series, was done with India’s World Cup winning former cricket captain Kapil Dev and became instantly famous because ...