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  • The King and I

    Broadcast On November 17, 2003

    ... fine figure in cricket whites, blazer and breeches or a shervani and pugree. Whilst Bhupinder Singh of Patiala looks quite the stud he was supposed to be. He has the martial bearing of a smart ADC – ...

  • Don’t cry for me Pakistan

    Broadcast On March 4, 2004

    On wednesday the cricket team will arrive in Pakistan. Although some of them have been there before, for many it will be their first visit. I envy them. The first time you go somewhere is always special. ...

  • They won too and convincingly

    Broadcast On March 26, 2004

    India won the cricket series but Pakistan, I think, has won our hearts. You only have to skim the reports from Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Lahore to realise I’m not exaggerating. No doubt we ...

  • Did you know?

    Broadcast On May 13, 2004

    ... streak that I'm happy to own up to." I'm just finishing a series of interviews for the BBC with India's young cricket stars and I'm fascinated by the little details I've discovered. The young ...

  • Perks and privilege

    Broadcast On May 27, 2004

    ... go with the job should cease instantly on demitting office. In 1997, when John Major lost to Tony Blair, he spent the next day at the Oval watching cricket. He went as an ordinary citizen. And he was ...

  • Prisoner of justice

    Broadcast On January 13, 2005

    ... charge.  At an age when his contemporaries would have spent their days playing cricket or swimming in rivers and creeks, Pratap found himself locked up in jail.  There he stayed for five years.  It ...

  • Forgotten heroes

    Broadcast On May 5, 2005

    ... wore with pride. But if the full cricket team can get bonuses for beating Pakistan then surely they deserve more? To paraphrase Tennyson, we rely on those who never question but simply do and die. ...

  • Anyone for tennis?

    Broadcast On June 24, 2005

    ...  Then perplexed. Finally, simply bored. Though we in India are crazy about cricket we haven’t developed similar traditions or conventions. For us the game itself is all-important. In Britain tennis ...

  • From Raj to Swaraj

    Broadcast On July 14, 2005

    ... British scholars such as Bloomfield, Burton, Carey, Colebrooke, Griffith, Keith, Monier-Williams, Rhys Davis and Wilkins. And then there’s cricket. This dreadful game, which I find a bore, is, of ...

  • Football Faultlines

    Broadcast On July 6, 2006

    I wonder how many viewers of the World Cup finals tonight will realise that of the three big games shown on television – the other two being tennis and cricket and, by the way, today’s the Wimbledon men’s ...

  • The rights and wrongs of Cricket

    Broadcast On February 7, 2007

    "Has the Government gone mad?" It was Pertie and it sounded as if he already knew the answer. "How can they issue an ordinance forcing private sports channels to share cricket rights with Doordarshan? ...

  • Depressed? I’m delighted its over!

    Broadcast On March 27, 2007

    ... cricket and I was hugely irritated by the exaggerated, non-stop, loud and repetitive coverage of the subject. I think it’s a silly game. Just think about it – two flannelled oafs take turns to hit a ball ...

  • Bonds that won’t break

    Broadcast On February 18, 2008

    ... And I’m not talking about language, culture, cuisine, pubjabi swear-words and cricket. I mean qualities that define the sort of people we are and will become. To begin with, fanaticism and fundamentalism ...

  • To our politicians – please stop!

    Broadcast On April 26, 2008

    ... right. Until they were imported they were not known of by the vast majority of our countrymen. But that’s also true of cricket. (Incidentally, I hope you don’t think the game was handed down ...

  • A weekend in Kabul

    Broadcast On May 28, 2008

    ... growing fascination for cricket. As I drove to Kargah I saw boys playing in the fields. “It’s very popular”, Najaf said. But I only realized how accurate he was when, the next morning, ...

  • What an idea, Sirjee!

    Broadcast On July 30, 2008

    ... and ‘Dadji’ I would laugh. It seemed such a strange combination of Brit affection and desi respect. Little did I realize Satish was way ahead of his time. Today, young cricketers call Tendulkar ...

  • Anyone for tennis?

    Broadcast On June 3, 2009

    ... which is a great pity. Unlike conventional cricket, which is slow, boring and interminable, but, of course, the perfect cure for stubborn insomnia, the twenty over version is fast, fun and full of frolic. ...

  • Fate and Federer

    Broadcast On July 9, 2009

    If ever you needed proof that tennis is a more watchable and more enjoyable game than cricket, then it was available on abundant display when Federer beat Roddick to win his 6th Wimbledon and 15th grand ...

  • Maharaja madness

    Broadcast On December 17, 2009

    ...  the Jam Saheb of Nawanagar, is best known as a cricketer. It turns out he was also a skilled designer. He “invented improvements to all manner of practical goods, from chairs and tables to picnic ...

  • Promises to break

    Broadcast On December 24, 2009

    ...  So please, shed your obsession with film stars and cricketers, end your race to break news and, instead, focus on accuracy and analysis, and, above all, please don’t go on and on.  A story ...