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  • More funny peculiar than funny ha-ha

    Broadcast On February 22, 2007

    ... Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. It seems their lives were connected in a variety of ways, but none that they could have guessed themselves. Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. Kennedy, a hundred ...

  • Sonia, Secularism and India’s Christians

    Broadcast On March 12, 2007

    ... us the state is so small it simply doesn’t count. Yet unbeknownst to many, an event has occurred that could change the way we think of the ruling Congress Party and, I dare say, Sonia Gandhi. I only ...

  • Crooks and graduates – UP style!

    Broadcast On April 26, 2007

    ... per cent, have criminal cases. More significantly, if you look at the major parties – Congress, BJP, BSP, SP – in each case the percentage is appreciably above 20. The SP tops the tally with 33.91 per ...

  • The sting in a diplomat’s tale

    Broadcast On May 10, 2007

    ... illuminating. Again, as Freeman reported : “If the army were to attempt a coup against the Union government without seizing power in the States simultaneously, the Congress machine would remain operational ...

  • Putting politics in its place

    Broadcast On May 21, 2007

    ... the majority of the people of India don’t think this way. They feel no compunction switching from BJP to Congress to Communist and back again, depending upon what they feel is better for the moment. Indeed, ...

  • Pratibha Patil – my role in her nomination *

    Broadcast On June 15, 2007

    ... meeting began with logjam. Congress was determined to press ahead with Shivraj Patil or, at least, Karan Singh and Sushil Kumar Shinde. The Left was adamantly opposed. Recognizing this impasse, Sitaram ...

  • The ABC of the 123

    Broadcast On August 10, 2007

    ... and spoils things? Well, in that unlikely event, we can walk away from the 123. Remember, the US Congress will only pass the deal after passage by the NSG (and the IAEA). We sign after that. My advice ...

  • Reading between the lines

    Broadcast On September 5, 2007

    ... when the US Congress finally ratifies the 123 and the two governments sign the agreement. That’s a fair way off. Both sides know they mean different things and both are happy with this ambiguity. It’s ...

  • Lies, humiliation and politics

    Broadcast On October 6, 2007

    ... blatant is the son’s hunger for office and so open is he to any means of retaining it, Kumaraswamy won’t deny the suspicion he’s hoping Congress will bail him out. “Politics is nothing but opportunism”, ...

  • Nuclear Deal or no deal?

    Broadcast On October 13, 2007

    ... will secure the final up-down vote from Congress. The IAEA stage is the only point at which the Left can obstruct its passage. The Left believe that clearance by the IAEA might only require 72 hours. ...

  • Madhavrao Scindia

    Broadcast On August 18, 2000

    Senior Congress Leader and Deputy leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha Madhavrao Scindia on HTI on chaos and confusion in the Congress Party and its policies as the main party in opposition. ...

  • Ambika Soni

    Broadcast On July 27, 2001

    Congress Leader Ambika Soni on Congress as opposition Party and three and half year of the NDA Government. ...

  • Ambika Soni

    Broadcast On December 12, 2003

    Ambika Soni, Politics, Congress ...

  • Sheila Dikshit

    Broadcast On January 2, 2004

    Sheila Dikshit, Congress, Politics ...

  • Arjun Singh

    Broadcast On December 6, 2011

    Senior Congress Leader Arjun Singh on leaking of Jain Commission Report, Congress Party and the United front Govt. ...

  • About Us

    ... nowadays Karan stops at 8:55. Otherwise it is a program that just rocks. Even those least interested in politics must watch it. Perhaps his most recent and famous interview has been with the Congress ...