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  • A time to say thank you

    Broadcast On August 19, 1998

    ... it feels that the retention of the Nehruvian dream is essential to the future of India. Forget the neat fact that there is something here to please both Congress and BJP alike - or displease the CPI and ...

  • I never promised you a rose garden

    Broadcast On October 26, 1998

    ... last five years nothing has changed except, very possibly, for the worse.  Yet what intrigues me is does the BJP (or Congress or Janata Dal or any other party for that matter) really believe Delhi is ...

  • Which would you say is the better one?

    Broadcast On December 23, 1998

    ... tradition and have two of its stalwarts to contend with P.A. Sangma from Congress and Jaipal Reddy of the Janata Dal. They were Rangarajan Kumaramangalam and K.L. Sharma. And, if it serves any purpose, ...

  • To read or not to read

    Broadcast On April 19, 1999

    ...  But how is this complicated identity to be conveyed? CNN devised a long, uncomfortable but totally accurate description : “India’s Italian-born Congress Party President looks poised to be the next ...

  • The man behind the view

    Broadcast On August 23, 1999

    ... 1920s America, violin cases and gangsters, pretty molls and speakeasys. Very Congress-I, did you say? And then, at last, ring the BJP head office. Now this music I found hard to identify. If I’m right ...

  • Two men and two unfulfilled promises

    Broadcast On June 26, 2000

    ... means unfit. I believe he liked it too because a week before his death when I telephoned to ask him to join a discussion on the crisis in the Congress Party he referred to it whilst turning me down. “Yaar ...

  • The shrinking of Mr. Vajpayee

    Broadcast On April 8, 2002

    ... did not name Rajiv Gandhi. I don’t think he even directed his accusations at members of the Congress Party. But then, that first night, none of this was as yet clear. Yet Mr. Vajpayee spoke unequivocally ...

  • An interesting man

    Broadcast On May 6, 2002

    ...  Now jump to 1947. I know that between 1920, when he walked out of Congress, unhappy over Gandhi’s deliberate intertwining of religion with politics, and 1947, when he created Pakistan, Jinnah did ...

  • Things never change

    Broadcast On August 12, 2002

    ... then the Government too must go. After all, a government that lies is intolerable. The conclusion is simple and obvious. If you believe the Government has lied then, like Congress after Bofors, its ...

  • On keeping Sonia Gandhi out

    Broadcast On September 9, 2002

    ... of our history. It’s something we should be proud of, not revoke. So, Jayalalitha’s recent outburst, or that of the Nationalist Congress Party earlier, or the BJP’s opportunistic support of both, ...

  • The new rhetoric

    Broadcast On January 13, 2003

    ... expense. On the 19th of September, whilst criticising Congress, he managed to bring Islam and Muslims into his ambit : “I want to ask the Congress, why do you object if people on the banks of the Sabarmati ...

  • A little bit of nothing

    Broadcast On May 5, 2003

    ... he could pick the members. Then, equally fast and as surprisingly, Praful Patel claimed he could get his leader, Sharad Pawar, to support the idea. In fact, he said Pawar would lobby the BJP and Congress ...

  • That’s India!

    Broadcast On May 19, 2003

    ... spotted something the rest of us did not know. “Congress is no better” he said. His smile was as broad as you can imagine. “Just look at the AICC page on the net.” If anything, it’s more inaccurate. ...

  • An odd sort of hero

    Broadcast On November 24, 2003

    ... out that the BJP is using him for political purposes and that Congress is caught up in contradictions responding to that. But what about Veer Savarkar himself ?” “What about him?” I was still at a ...

  • Made for each other

    Broadcast On December 15, 2003

    ... away with an offer of Congress support for a government they might form. In other words, Jogi initiated the process. He was the first mover. What the BJP did was play its cards extremely cleverly. ...

  • Next time, Mr. Rudi, think before you speak

    Broadcast On February 28, 2004

    ... how can its ministers, when caught red-handed, argue they are only doing what Congressmen before them have done? At one stroke that equates Congress and BJP thus erasing the difference. I can still ...

  • A man for all seasons

    Broadcast On March 12, 2004

    ... a thief. But an article Ram wrote in The Statesman on May 28, 1999 (which, no doubt, he hopes the world has forgotten) raises deeper contradictions. Arguing that who the Congress chooses as its president ...

  • The truth about ourselves

    Broadcast On April 15, 2004

    ... Congress-I whilst in 2003 Gegong Apang and his followers jumped to the BJP. Finally, the mob rules and dissenting individuals are damned. We don’t like people who are different. We pick on them. Be ...

  • The view from the other side

    Broadcast On May 7, 2004

    ...  The Election Commission has just published the official list and it is shocking. Out of 364 candidates the BJP has just 30. That's 8.24 per cent. In Congress's case, out of 417 candidates it has ...

  • Benvenuto \'Devi\' Sonia

    Broadcast On May 20, 2004

    ... voted for Congress and its allies than for the NDA. In fact, more people voted for Congress than for the BJP. So what are they going on about?" I tried to answer but I soon realised Pertie had only ...