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  • Where are you ‘guv’?

    Broadcast On March 10, 2005

    ... manage simple arithmetic or is very gullible.  But what I write of Congress-appointed governors is equally true of those chosen by the BJP.  Vinod Pande was one of theirs. Jagmohan, who they roundly ...

  • Food for thought

    Broadcast On May 26, 2005

    ... a decade. Yet all the while we thought India was shining. I’m not scoring points off the BJP. I used to share the same feeling of prosperity and satisfaction. But I didn’t realise how cut-off our little ...

  • The lesson of Ayodhya

    Broadcast On July 7, 2005

    ... BJP was determined to milk the incident for every drop of political benefit. Advani, without batting an eyelid, announced nationwide protests. Jaswant Singh, with equal speed, accused the UPA of disregarding ...

  • The lesson of Ayodhya

    Broadcast On July 9, 2005

    ... shooting our mouths off when discretion lies in reticence is a national characteristic. But, alas, matters went much further.   The BJP was determined to milk the incident for every drop of political ...

  • From Raj to Swaraj

    Broadcast On July 14, 2005

    ... out that India's share of world income collapsed from 22.6 percent in 1700, when it was almost equal to Europe at 23.3 percent, to 3.8 percent in 1952. At no point, as the BJP erroneously claims, ...

  • Three truths and one conclusion or 3 truths and 1 conclusion

    Broadcast On August 11, 2005

    ... mein politicisation of the BJP feels more like point-scoring than a quest for justice. (Again, I wasn’t surprised.) No, I’m shaken because I’ve come to realise three terrible truths and one inescapable ...

  • Babalog banter

    Broadcast On September 22, 2005

    ... or confidence to recognise this. Tehelka, on the other hand, can no longer face the firing line. In 2001 it stood up to the BJP but in 2005 it crumbled in front of Congress. In fact, by accepting ...

  • The wonder that’s India

    Broadcast On September 25, 2005

    ... Parliament covered from top to toe. From CPM to BJP, Congress to Telugu Desam, Sonia to Vajpayee, Laloo to Jayalalithaa, only their shrill discordant voices would distinguish them. On the surface they ...

  • I wonder if you agree

    Broadcast On October 6, 2005

    ... it appears, does. At this time the BJP was as far removed from power as possible but that reportedly didn’t prevent it receiving KGB funds. Bibhuti Bhusan Nandy, a former Additional Secretary at RAW, ...

  • Whose nose is longer?

    Broadcast On October 20, 2005

    ... its ferocious attack on Laloo Yadav and its prolonged boycott of Parliament over the issue of tainted ministers, the answer is the BJP (44.4 per cent). But, in fact, none of the parties emerges clean. ...

  • Lal Krishna Advani

    Broadcast On September 1, 1999

    BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani on Hard Talk India, in the run up to the 1999 general elections and record of the 18 months BJP led government.  ...

  • K S Sudarshan

    Broadcast On August 11, 2000

    RSS Chief K S Sudarshan on HTI on the relevance of a nationalist organisation, its relation with the BJP in power and the criticism of a nationalist Hindutva organisation.  ...

  • Bangaru Laxman

    Broadcast On March 17, 2001

    Former BJP President Bangaru Laxman on HTI in his defense against the Tehelka revelations in the defense deal. ...

  • L K Advani

    Broadcast On April 4, 2001

    BJP Leader and Home Minister in the NDA Government on HTI on the "damages done" in the face of the Tehelka Defense scam relevation. ...

  • Arun Jaitley

    Broadcast On July 20, 2001

    BJP Leader and Law Minister in the NDA Government on the future of the Indo-Pak talk in the wake of the failure of the Agra Summit. ...

  • Arun Shaurie

    Broadcast On December 6, 2011

    Senior BJP Leader Arun Shourie on the functioning of the Parliament. ...

  • George Fernandes -1

    Broadcast On December 14, 2011

    Samata Party President George Fernandes Infocus on differences with the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) before the general elections. ...

  • Karan Thapar

    ... for his HARDtalk India interview with India’s former Law Minister and now BJP General  Secretary Arun Jaitley. In December 2007 Karan Thapar broke his own record when he won the Asian Television Award ...