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  • The new rhetoric

    Broadcast On January 13, 2003

    ... and unprovoked had to say : “Joshi bhagvakaran nahin karenge to kya harakaran karenge? Bhagva hamari party ka rang hei, yagya aur aahuti ka rang hei.” (Actually, green is also a BJP colour but perhaps ...

  • Pritam the philosopher

    Broadcast On February 3, 2003

    ... ho lekin garmi na de. Aise heater ka kya matlab.” To be fair to Pritam his dismissiveness was by no means restricted to the BJP or even the wider NDA. He tends to think the same of most, if not all, ...

  • One truth too many

    Broadcast On April 14, 2003

    ... for such people or simply that the BJP won’t tolerate them?” It was a reference to Mr. Kumar’s dismissal from the cabinet for speaking out in public after the BJP’s humiliating defeat in the Himachal ...

  • A little bit of nothing

    Broadcast On May 5, 2003

    ... he could pick the members. Then, equally fast and as surprisingly, Praful Patel claimed he could get his leader, Sharad Pawar, to support the idea. In fact, he said Pawar would lobby the BJP and Congress ...

  • A Hindu view

    Broadcast On August 18, 2003

    ... but the BJP hasn’t the faintest idea what Hinduism is about.” His voice was climbing upwards to a sharp falsetto. He was clearly over wrought. I prepared myself to listen in silence. “They talk ...

  • Singapore Sling

    Broadcast On September 30, 2003

    ... an acting PM. Next year Mr. Vajpayee will turn 80. I dread to think what the BJP has up its sleeve. But of one thing I’m certain : unlike Singaporeans, Delhites – if not the rest of India – will ...

  • An odd sort of hero

    Broadcast On November 24, 2003

    ... out that the BJP is using him for political purposes and that Congress is caught up in contradictions responding to that. But what about Veer Savarkar himself ?” “What about him?” I was still at a ...

  • Made for each other

    Broadcast On December 15, 2003

    ... up. It therefore follows he wasn’t the victim of a sting. He wasn’t enticed into offering a bribe. He did so knowingly and willingly. In fact he took the initiative. The BJP simply responded. To ...

  • Next time, Mr. Rudi, think before you speak

    Broadcast On February 28, 2004

    ... BJP presents itself as a party with a difference. If that difference means anything it must refer to its moral core : the claim that it has higher values which it adheres to scrupulously. In which case ...

  • A man for all seasons

    Broadcast On March 12, 2004

    ... the opposition Ram has performed feats of acrobatic athleticism that ought to be death defying. That he remains unscathed is a perverse tribute to the man. When he broke with the BJP he cited the ...

  • Pertinent Pertie

    Broadcast On March 24, 2004

    ... were right?” “Look in the ‘90s we kept both Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen out because we thought their presence would create trouble. Later, the BJP made it extremely difficult ...

  • The truth about ourselves

    Broadcast On April 15, 2004

    ... Congress-I whilst in 2003 Gegong Apang and his followers jumped to the BJP. Finally, the mob rules and dissenting individuals are damned. We don’t like people who are different. We pick on them. Be ...

  • The twist in the tale

    Broadcast On April 22, 2004

    ...  Three days later, Jethmalani went one step further. Criticising the Bofors-related anti-Sonia Gandhi comments made by BJP leaders, he said : "If this goes on, then I also have a lot to say that will ...

  • The view from the other side

    Broadcast On May 7, 2004

    ...  The Election Commission has just published the official list and it is shocking. Out of 364 candidates the BJP has just 30. That's 8.24 per cent. In Congress's case, out of 417 candidates it has ...

  • Benvenuto \'Devi\' Sonia

    Broadcast On May 20, 2004

    ... and Pertie was using it to the hilt. No, Pertie's purpose was different and deeper. And when he turned to it I could tell he was deadly serious. "It was really unfair of the BJP to claim that ...

  • Here we go again!

    Broadcast On July 2, 2004

    ...  Remove governors appointed by the BJP and replace them with their own. Since no one has contradicted these reports I believe them. In theory, if this is simply a correction of a wrong committed by ...

  • Dear old Jaswant

    Broadcast On November 4, 2004

    ...  However, the next day (the morning after the interview) The Express corrected itself. Now the paper asked if DOJ’s comments indicated a change in the BJP-led Government’s position on Kashmir. ...

  • Pertie and the press

    Broadcast On December 2, 2004

    ... the last six years the CBI has been under the BJP! And that’s a party dedicated to getting to the bottom of Bofors!” In fact, the stories in The Age were based on a certain Sten Lindstrom ...

  • Satyameva Jayate

    Broadcast On January 27, 2005

    ... hand, points out that Banerjee was one of the Supreme Court judges who denied him bail in the Fodder case.  So where does that leave us?  Then, the BJP insists the timing of the report, bang in the ...

  • The naked American

    Broadcast On February 10, 2005

    ... a gathering of 4000 journalists, businessmen and assorted professionals in Delhi talking about God and the comfort of his presence?  Can you visualise a senior minister (Congress or BJP) admitting how ...