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  • Yogi's big challenge: banishing encephalitis

    Broadcast On August 20, 2017

    ... addressed his own BJP government and, in particular, Health Minister J. P. Nadda. But deaths from Japanese encephalitis continued. Thus, between 2004 and 2017, there was a total of 15,315, 54 per cent ...

  • Yechury's Rajya Sabha exit a godsend for NDA

    Broadcast On August 6, 2017

    ...  Now, when the BJP has more Rajya Sabha MPs than Congress and when the NDA and its friends are no longer heavily outnumbered by the combined opposition, Yechury will be missing. This is particularly dismaying. ...

  • Words, words, words

    Broadcast On May 7, 2010

    ... and clichéd epithet and I can’t see why the BJP is offended. It’s certainly not Mani at his best. Borrowing from the Cambridge Union, here are a few things Mani could have said: ...

  • With politicians like these …..

    Broadcast On June 26, 2008

    ... of the BJP is only marginally better. The thin difference is the fact its not in power and cannot directly influence developments. But the party’s hypocrisy and its determination to place its ...

  • Will Mr. Modi let the BJP trip him up?

    Broadcast On August 31, 2014

    Has the BJP taken leave of its senses? And, of course, that’s a rhetorical and also provocative question but then, as you will soon discover, its both justified and grounded in a disturbing, actually distressing, ...

  • Why two wrongs cannot make a right

    Broadcast On July 8, 2018

    ... BJP without simultaneously striking at Rahul Gandhi and Congress. You can discuss the sins of today without recalling those of the past. There are even times when balance is distorting and we need to ...


    Broadcast On May 8, 2022

    ... East India Company. Najafgarh is where Najaf Khan built a fort to protect Delhi against the British. In BJP terminology that makes him  a freedom fighter!   Let me, however, make a wider, albeit rhetorical, ...

  • Whose nose is longer?

    Broadcast On October 20, 2005

    ... its ferocious attack on Laloo Yadav and its prolonged boycott of Parliament over the issue of tainted ministers, the answer is the BJP (44.4 per cent). But, in fact, none of the parties emerges clean. ...

  • Who are the sons and daughters of India?

    Broadcast On January 19, 2020

    ... all Indians, including muslims, were one people. Is Amit Shah refuting or turning his back on the Mahatma’s belief?   In 2015 Ram Madhav, a general secretary of the BJP, told Al Jazeera he believes ...

  • Which would you say is the better one?

    Broadcast On December 23, 1998

    ... to have been “Is this government damaged beyond repair or is it in fact about to resurrect itself?”. Its an issue on everyone’s lips yet to ensure that the BJP was fairly handled we decided to break with ...

  • Where are you ‘guv’?

    Broadcast On March 10, 2005

    ... manage simple arithmetic or is very gullible.  But what I write of Congress-appointed governors is equally true of those chosen by the BJP.  Vinod Pande was one of theirs. Jagmohan, who they roundly ...

  • What ‘Zeeks’ could have taught Mr. Modi

    Broadcast On November 10, 2013

    “When the BJP said Modi would make history, did you realize he would literally make it up?” Pertie was laughing but it was a telling point. “If only someone like Zeeks had taught him he wouldn’t have made ...

  • What they didn’t say

    Broadcast On July 28, 2013

    The recent angry exchanges between Congress and BJP hide more than they reveal. Whilst it’s true politicians often don’t speak the truth and rarely the full truth, on this occasion what they glossed over ...

  • What should we make of Narendra Modi?

    Broadcast On June 8, 2014

    ... frequently asked and because I don’t have a definitive answer I’m encouraged to search for one. Let’s start with Mr. Modi’s personal style. On the day he was elected leader of the BJP Parliamentary Party ...

  • What political parties must not do for votes

    Broadcast On November 1, 2020

    ... the unstated part is if you don’t vote for the BJP your life could be at risk. Metaphorically speaking, that feels like a gun to the head.   What makes it worse is this promise has been made by a party ...

  • What I admired about Jaswant Singh

    Broadcast On October 4, 2020

    ... to be angry about?” I pointed out the BJP’s chintan baithak was scheduled for three days later and his book would be excoriated. He smiled and reminded me it was nearly 700 pages long. “They won’t even ...


    Broadcast On August 28, 2022

    ... open for contestation to all Congress members, will possess the electoral talent, the political sensitivity, the wider public appeal and the gift of oratory to challenge the BJP and offer a meaningful ...

  • Well begun, Mr Gandhi, but the jury is still out on this

    Broadcast On April 26, 2015

    ... this conclusion. Even the BJP is unable to convincingly disagree! Doubt seems to have entered the party’s mind. But what do the facts suggest? Do they support the media’s conclusion or have we all collectively ...

  • We need a strong Leader of Opposition

    Broadcast On June 23, 2019

    ... than act judiciously. That’s true of those who came from Congress as much as those from the BJP. On each occasion they undermined the democracy they were elected to protect. The fact is we need a formal ...


    Broadcast On September 19, 2021

    ... comments are received by his party and by the press?   Ours is a secular country and muslims are equal citizens. So what does the BJP President’s and Prime Minister’s silence amount to? It’s a question ...