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  • A Weekend in Dubai

    Broadcast On January 22, 2001

    ... of nature. It’s the power of the Dubai dream. The expatriates not only make it happen. They share it. Late on saturday night, listening to the BBC, I realised that power is something else as well. ...

  • A critique of television news

    Broadcast On January 29, 2001

    ... I haven’t included BBC and CNN in this reckoning. They would be there regardless of the Indian news miracle. Nor am I including regional channels. As a result it’s not an exaggeration to claim that ...

  • The truth is a tricky thing

    Broadcast On August 6, 2001

    ... Amar Singh for BBC’s HARDtalk India. The interview was about the way his party has politicised Phoolan Devi’s death. Like most people I was convinced of the case. The newspapers and all the news channels ...

  • Twenty four hours in Washington

    Broadcast On November 12, 2001

    ... lie. Still it’s a strange tale although well worth telling. Early in October I wrote to Dr. Rice to request an interview for our BBC programme HARDtalk India. After a few preliminary phone calls to ...

  • Three men in a boat

    Broadcast On March 4, 2002

    ... from the past.” Hmmmm? Judge for yourself – Wednesday 13th, 10.00 p.m., BBC World.    ...

  • A wicked thought

    Broadcast On May 13, 2002

    ... V). It’s also as common in Britain as India. Mrs. Thatcher’s favourite whipping horse was the BBC. Fifteen years earlier Harold Wilson was convinced the Beeb had it in for him. Twelve years later Tony ...

  • The right to be wrong

    Broadcast On June 10, 2002

    “Switch on the BBC” said Ashok eagerly as he rushed into my office. His normally placid features were in a state of considerable excitement. His eyes were shining. “What’s happened?” I was struggling ...

  • Why won’t he speak English?

    Broadcast On September 16, 2002

    ... not as good as he could be but he certainly holds your attention. Now pause to reflect on what Mr. Vajpayee’s Hindi cost India. On the previous day, the BBC broadcast Hamid Karzai and Pervez Musharraf ...

  • You’re wrong, Mr. Nayar!

    Broadcast On October 14, 2002

    ...  The same is true of TV. Just looking at the BBC as we see it, I’ve spotted 8 faces who regularly appear on screen. I didn’t count the black ones. And then there are those who work for ITV, Channels ...

  • Pritam the philosopher

    Broadcast On February 3, 2003

    ... graceless and tactless way to mark her death. Clearly this can’t be true otherwise NASA would not have sent her back in 2003. Incidentally, BBC, just half an hour earlier, said she was perhaps the ...

  • In defence of politicians

    Broadcast On March 31, 2003

    ... are scared of demanding concentration and, instead, lure with cacophony. Yet we have producers, editors, cameramen and even anchors who could comfortably take on the BBC and CNN. We could easily deliver ...

  • The war and I

    Broadcast On April 7, 2003

    ...  “CNN and BBC have brought the battlefield of Baghdad straight into the comfort of our living rooms. Do you consider this fascination with death, blood, destruction and misery morally degrading?” It ...

  • Kuch na Kaho

    Broadcast On August 11, 2003

    ... convictions? Or are they simply scared of the government? You won’t find the BBC repeatedly playing God Save The Queen or even Fox News banging on with the Star Spangled Banner. Why? Because they know ...

  • All India Denial Syndrome

    Broadcast On November 24, 2003

    Tomorrow is World Aids Day. Ordinarily that wouldn’t have mattered one little bit but this year – because I’ve just done an in-depth programme for the BBC – is different. I’ve become aware of some frightening ...

  • No Minister

    Broadcast On December 1, 2003

    Tomorrow is World Aids Day. Ordinarily that wouldn’t have mattered one little bit but this year – because I’ve just done an in-depth programme for the BBC – is different. I’ve become aware of some frightening ...

  • Innocence or irresponsibility?

    Broadcast On December 22, 2003

    ...  But eight months earlier, when Saddam’s statue was toppled, Ashok was barely able to contain his excitement. That night he must have phoned a hundred friends to “switch on the BBC”. By the 14th of December ...

  • Tell me, am I wrong?

    Broadcast On February 19, 2004

    ... for luck’ but also the warning ‘don’t risk breaking this chain’. I immediately thought of her. A week earlier, in an interview for the BBC, I had asked Vasu if she was superstitious. The press claims ...

  • A dog\'s world

    Broadcast On April 28, 2004

    ... I thought it was a good story. Now this is where the real world catches up. "Christ!" moaned Pervaiz down the line from London. He's one of the commissioning editors at the BBC. The interview ...

  • Did you know?

    Broadcast On May 13, 2004

    ... streak that I'm happy to own up to." I'm just finishing a series of interviews for the BBC with India's young cricket stars and I'm fascinated by the little details I've discovered. The young ...

  • The lesson of Ayodhya

    Broadcast On July 9, 2005

    ... for assuming that the terrorists had succeeded. 24 hours later, the BBC was mature, balanced and sober.   So, I suppose, it's a miracle ordinary Indians were not affected. The BJP sought to provoke, ...