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  • “Tonight’s the night for a drop. Go on let yerself go!”

    Broadcast On January 3, 2000

    ... signs proclaiming ‘exit only’. Trafalgar Square was a heaving sea of humanity. If it stopped at all it was to marvel at the two enormous screens erected by the BBC. For in the middle of the city, in ...

  • You’re wrong, Mr. Nayar!

    Broadcast On October 14, 2002

    ...  The same is true of TV. Just looking at the BBC as we see it, I’ve spotted 8 faces who regularly appear on screen. I didn’t count the black ones. And then there are those who work for ITV, Channels ...

  • Why won’t he speak English?

    Broadcast On September 16, 2002

    ... not as good as he could be but he certainly holds your attention. Now pause to reflect on what Mr. Vajpayee’s Hindi cost India. On the previous day, the BBC broadcast Hamid Karzai and Pervez Musharraf ...

  • Why Prasar Bharati is wrong to rebuke PTI

    Broadcast On July 5, 2020

    ... Bharati (PB), supposedly an independent broadcaster we once gullibly believed could be the equal of the BBC, has threatened “to review its subscription to the Press Trust of India (PTI)”. The reason, according ...

  • Who are the sons and daughters of India?

    Broadcast On January 19, 2020

    ... hindus are undeniably ill-treated there are reasons to believe the treatment of other religious minorities is worse. The BBC’s Reality Check team says “the majority of blasphemy cases up to 2018” were ...

  • When the elderly are, in fact, the young ones

    Broadcast On April 3, 2000

    ... the amazing people he has met and the things he has done – and boy he’s done them all – then watch him on BBC on Wednesday night at 10.00 p.m. If you miss it, don’t panic, there is a repeat on saturday! ...

  • What’s in a name?

    Broadcast On November 18, 2010

    “Did you notice how quickly they’ve stopped calling her Kate?” Pertie sounded as if he had made an eureka discovery. “It’s now Catherine and the BBC’s gone one step ...

  • What Indian TV news anchors get wrong

    Broadcast On August 23, 2020

    ... thought it through to the same extent.   “Yes”, I mumbled feebly. The BBC and CNN may want large audiences but they don’t pander to them by driving down the quality of their discussions. This is why ...

  • Understanding Mamata

    Broadcast On April 22, 2012

    ... the BBC programme HARDtalk India an interview. It was fixed for 11.30 a.m. on a mutually agreed date in August. It was reconfirmed repeatedly, including the night before. But these assurances proved to ...

  • Two questions about the citizenship act

    Broadcast On December 22, 2019

    ... the BBC’s Reality Check team “the majority of blasphemy cases up to 2018” have been filed against Ahmadiyas or other Muslims, not Christians and Hindus. Yet they’re not covered by CAA.   Regarding ...

  • Two faces of Mr Modi’s government: the good and the ugly

    Broadcast On June 15, 2014

    ... it becomes similar to the BBC. Not surprisingly, Mr Javdekar’s views won a lot of praise.  Journalists, in particular, were loud in saying so. But there was something  more which, even if people were ...

  • Twenty four hours in Washington

    Broadcast On November 12, 2001

    ... lie. Still it’s a strange tale although well worth telling. Early in October I wrote to Dr. Rice to request an interview for our BBC programme HARDtalk India. After a few preliminary phone calls to ...

  • Trying to hide a reality we don’t know how to face up to

    Broadcast On March 15, 2015

    Most people I know have rubbished the arguments for banning the BBC documentary on the Nirbhaya rape and, instinctively, they are right to do so. However, in this instance, it’s worth examining the handful ...

  • Three men in a boat

    Broadcast On March 4, 2002

    ... from the past.” Hmmmm? Judge for yourself – Wednesday 13th, 10.00 p.m., BBC World.    ...

  • Them and us

    Broadcast On March 6, 2010

    Occasionally television can be truly revealing. That was the case on friday when the BBC broadcast live the interrogation by the Chilcot Inquiry Committee of the British Prime Minister on the Iraq  ...

  • The wise words of Manmohan Singh

    Broadcast On May 23, 2021

    ... my friend Seema Chishti WhatsApped a link to an interview Dr. Singh gave the BBC in 1999. His glory days as finance minister were over. He was now the Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha. No one ...

  • The war and I

    Broadcast On April 7, 2003

    ...  “CNN and BBC have brought the battlefield of Baghdad straight into the comfort of our living rooms. Do you consider this fascination with death, blood, destruction and misery morally degrading?” It ...

  • The truth is a tricky thing

    Broadcast On August 6, 2001

    ... Amar Singh for BBC’s HARDtalk India. The interview was about the way his party has politicised Phoolan Devi’s death. Like most people I was convinced of the case. The newspapers and all the news channels ...

  • The third law of bad luck

    Broadcast On June 14, 1999

    ...  Fortune may favour the brave but sometimes it’s safer to be a coward. Things aren’t what they used to be “Rani zara BBC te laga.” That was how my father would ask my mother to switch on ...

  • The things we do but should not and the things we should but don’t

    Broadcast On June 7, 1999

    ... on the BBC. He’s even available to Star News. But has any Indian minister made himself similarly accessible? Even when Lyce Doucet embarrassed the Pakistani minister with the critical question ‘How ...