Sunday Sentiments

  • Soli Sorabjee: The bridge-builder

    Published On May 9, 2021

    I remember Soli Sorabjee’s birthday as if it was yesterday. It was his ninety first but this one was special. Last year, because of the pandemic, he couldn’t celebr...
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  • The second wave will change us, forever

    Published On May 2, 2021

    The first wave of the virus taught me to live with myself. I used to find being alone unsettling. I would joke that I don’t like my own company but the truth is it wa...
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  • Four questions on the vaccine strategy

    Published On April 25, 2021

    The one thing journalists are good at is asking questions. We’re naturally curious, even inquisitive. We rarely accept at face value what is said to us. If it’s fro...
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  • From 1977, a tale of a prince and a wink

    Published On April 18, 2021

    At the time I wondered if the wink was deliberate. Later, I began to question whether I’d imagined or even made it up. But when it supposedly happened it was hard to ...
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