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  • Arun Shaurie

    Broadcast On August 21, 2020

    Arun Shourie Interview on Prashant Bhushan Contempt case
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  • Pt. Jasraj (New Version The Wire)

    Broadcast On August 18, 2020

    Pandit Jasraj in Conversation with Karan Thapar
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  • Pervez Hoodboy

    Broadcast On January 31, 2020

    Pakistani Nuclear Scientist and Academician Pervez Hoodbhoy speaking at "Adab Festival"
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  • Sharat Sabharwal

    Broadcast On October 4, 2018

    Former High Commissioners to Pakistan, Sharat Sabharwal, on the Modi government’s handling of relations with Pakistan. Mr. Sabharwal is crisp and clear, analytically sharp and often outspokenly critical.
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  • Arun Shourie

    Broadcast On September 3, 2018

    Arun Shourie about the Modi government and the opposition. He was very outspoken and critical.
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  • Off The Cuff with Karan Thapar

    Broadcast On August 18, 2018

    Senior journalist Karan Thapar was in conversation with ThePrint’s Editor-in-chief Shekhar Gupta at Off The Cuff in Mumbai
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  • Nitin Gadkari

    Broadcast On July 11, 2018

    Union Minister Nitin Gadkari about trolls, gau rakshaks, demonetisation, Kashmir and the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
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  • Ramachandra Guha

    Broadcast On July 10, 2018

    Ramachandra Guha on the Fault Lines of the Republic and his assessment of the Modi government.
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  • Hardeep Singh Puri

    Broadcast On June 8, 2018

    A comprehensive interview with Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Puri on 4 years of the Modi government covering the economy, foreign affairs, the undermining of institutions, mood of minorities and Modi's moral leadership
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  • P Chidambaram

    Broadcast On May 26, 2018

    P. Chidambaram for The Wire on 4 years of the Modi government covering all aspects of its performance as well as at the end a few questions on the criminal charges the Chidambaram family faces.
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