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  • Truly a tamasha

    Broadcast On August 25, 2003

    ... the same response today. In their eyes politics is a dirty word. If you saw last week’s no-confidence debate I’m sure you can guess why. I spent hours watching, listening and trying to understand. ...

  • Scenes from Srinagar

    Broadcast On November 10, 2003

    ... are perhaps the most honest people I know” Alok added. Which, of course, makes the tragedy of their politics and insurgency even more poignant. But how many of us south of the Banihal recognise this? ...

  • They won too and convincingly

    Broadcast On March 26, 2004

    ... excitement will abate and sobriety set in. When that happens we will recall that their government remains antagonistic and harbours terrorists. And politics still divides us and, perhaps, always will. ...

  • Benvenuto \'Devi\' Sonia

    Broadcast On May 20, 2004

    ... Sonia hadn't got a mandate or to insist that India wouldn't accept a foreign-born prime minister." "Oh come on" I said, trying to sound placatory. "That was only politics and a bit of bad sportsmanship. ...

  • Faultlines

    Broadcast On August 12, 2004

    ... little he can do to improve the morals or the politics of our country he can, at least, take a few steps to raise decorum and etiquette. It would be ironic if this lesson was only learnt the day he receives ...

  • Three little stories

    Broadcast On January 20, 2005

    It may be a common place thought but it's worthy of repetition. The politics of a country is defined by the character of its politicians. Which is why the opposite is also true : stories about politicians ...

  • My Cambridge

    Broadcast On May 12, 2005

    ... achkans, bundgalas and Daddy’s old Edwardian double-breasted dinner jacket. Its broad watered-silk lapels were much admired. It was fun but it wasn’t always frivolous. It made me realise that politics ...

  • Understanding Jinnah

    Broadcast On June 9, 2005

    ... claim, in the 1930s he was one of London’s leading lawyers. No other Indian has achieved this distinction.” “All right”. Pertie had clearly had enough of Jinnah’s personality. “What about his politics?” ...

  • Senseless Sensex

    Broadcast On August 4, 2005

    ... Additionally the Left is rampant. In itself that should have scared the stock market. Yet Sensex couldn’t care less. But there’s more. Beyond Bombay – and beyond industry and politics – lies rural ...

  • Benazir Bhutto

    Broadcast On July 6, 2001

    Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto On Hardtalk Pakistan on her forced exile and her future prospects into Pakistani politics. ...

  • Ambika Soni

    Broadcast On December 12, 2003

    Ambika Soni, Politics, Congress ...

  • Sheila Dikshit

    Broadcast On January 2, 2004

    Sheila Dikshit, Congress, Politics ...

  • About Us

    ... nowadays Karan stops at 8:55. Otherwise it is a program that just rocks. Even those least interested in politics must watch it. Perhaps his most recent and famous interview has been with the Congress ...