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  • It’s not easy to understand Mrs. Gandhi

    Broadcast On April 10, 2001

    ... also used by her as a tool. In this complexity lies any understanding of the woman and of the prime minister. So often in our simple judgements we tend to forget this. There was a lot about her politics ...

  • On knowing when not to speak

    Broadcast On August 20, 2001

    ... to rise above the humdrum of politics and to reach out to something different, something new. It’s an opportunity to touch the soul of the nation, to lift its spirits, to kindle fresh passions, to paint ...

  • A farewell to Afghanistan

    Broadcast On October 1, 2001

    ... lay in the future.  At the time Afghanistan’s politics seemed stable, even placid.  My world was my school.  Known by its acronym AISK, the American School was a microcosm of Kabul’s ...

  • Mr. Rajput, meet Abinash Choudhary

    Broadcast On November 26, 2001

    ... into the trap of politicising everything. There must always be some things that remain above politics.” Abinash’s words stunned the studio. A hushed silence descended and everyone listened with rapt ...

  • A lesson for the New Year

    Broadcast On December 24, 2001

    ... the meeting. Such things don’t happen in conventional politics or diplomacy. In fact, politicians and diplomats would have carefully avoided such meetings. This is why Mrs. Advani’s gesture is so special. ...

  • Three men in a boat

    Broadcast On March 4, 2002

    ... comments in the car that linger in my memory. They were made to my colleague Vishal Pant. Sen was talking about the present day Trimurti of Indian politics – Vajpayee, Advani and Sonia. He met them ...

  • When the finger points at you

    Broadcast On March 18, 2002

    ... suppose you’re right and the press is guilty of painting every MP with the same brush. That’s only an exaggeration not a crime.” “It’s unforgivable. And do you know why? Because Parliament and politics ...

  • The shrinking of Mr. Vajpayee

    Broadcast On April 8, 2002

    ... answer that question. For this is not a matter of mere facts. It’s not even an issue of party politics. Accountability goes beyond all that. Accountability is about justice, about establishing the ...

  • An interesting man

    Broadcast On May 6, 2002

    ... separate electorates poisonous. In 1920, when Gandhi launched the Khilafat movement, Jinnah warned of the danger of mixing politics with religion. He was the only Muslim to vote against Gandhi’s resolution. ...

  • I say, Mr. Laxman!

    Broadcast On July 29, 2002

    ... I found it hard to believe but I couldn’t resist asking. “I’m totally bored. With the politics of this country and with newspapers.” Suddenly I wasn’t sure how to respond. How do you continue ...

  • On keeping Sonia Gandhi out

    Broadcast On September 9, 2002

    ... prime minister there are better reasons for doing so. Look instead to her general political inexperience, her continuing failure to master politics or perform credibly as leader of the opposition, her ...

  • The PM’s Gobbledeegook

    Broadcast On December 21, 2002

    ... of a sycophantic audience. But these are hardly becoming explanations for the Prime Minister of India, a man of 78, who has been in politics for over forty years and who has been PM for almost five.  ...

  • Lines from London

    Broadcast On December 30, 2002

    I never cease to be surprised by how unforgiving British politics can be. It’s not just the press which picks on lapses and failures with undisguised glee. The MPs also show little consideration. ...

  • Lines from London

    Broadcast On December 30, 2002

    I never cease to be surprised by how unforgiving British politics can be. It’s not just the press which picks on lapses and failures with undisguised glee. The MPs also show little consideration. ...

  • The new rhetoric

    Broadcast On January 13, 2003

    I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I think I can detect the beginning of an unfortunate tendency that is creeping steadily into our politics. Actually, it’s moving faster than that. It’s closer to a ...

  • The man in a bib

    Broadcast On March 3, 2003

    ... through my mind. Kasuri, as his name suggests, comes from Kasur, a part of Pakistani Punjab that borders Firozpur. His father was a lawyer. The son graduated from Cambridge but opted for politics. I know ...

  • In defence of politicians

    Broadcast On March 31, 2003

    ... them and probably entrapped them into believing that the fight is more important than the argument. The fault lies in the way such shows are conceived. They seek to portray the tamasha of politics ...

  • One truth too many

    Broadcast On April 14, 2003

    ... Kumar is known for his clean image and straight forwardness. Yet, today, his straightforwardness has cost him his job” Pankhuri Gupta’s question began. “Does this mean that there is no place in politics ...

  • The PM as yoyo

    Broadcast On May 12, 2003

    ... emanates from many sources and is divided by politics. It’s not an indivisible entity nor is it controlled by a single source. If Mr. Vajpayee had consciously set out to make a mark he could not have ...

  • Kuch na Kaho

    Broadcast On August 11, 2003

    I’m afraid Dr. Johnson was only half right. No doubt politics is the last refuge of the scoundrel but it’s much more than that. It’s also the first resort of the unscrupulous. And, yes, I use the term ...