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  • Will Mr. Modi let the BJP trip him up?

    Broadcast On August 31, 2014

    ... reality. In fact, my second question is more pointed: why is Mr. Modi silent? For a Prime Minister who delights in tweeting and commenting frequently this is surprising, if not also worrying. So what ...

  • When it comes to our chaps, the joke’s never on them

    Broadcast On July 12, 2015

    ... Perhaps they fear we’ll take them seriously and believe it’s the truth? But the day Mr. Modi or Mrs. Gandhi laugh at themselves even their critics could develop some affection for them. The point to remember ...

  • What ‘Zeeks’ could have taught Mr. Modi

    Broadcast On November 10, 2013

    “When the BJP said Modi would make history, did you realize he would literally make it up?” Pertie was laughing but it was a telling point. “If only someone like Zeeks had taught him he wouldn’t have made ...

  • What they didn’t say

    Broadcast On July 28, 2013

    ... is far more important than what they said. Here’s a peek into what they left deliberately unsaid. First, Narendra Modi. He told Reuters he has been given a “thoroughly clean-chit” by the Supreme Court’s ...

  • What should we make of Narendra Modi?

    Broadcast On June 8, 2014

    As the government completes its first fortnight, are we witnessing a new Narendra Modi, as many believe, or was the media simply wrong in its initial understanding of the man? It’s a question I’ve been ...

  • Well begun, Mr Gandhi, but the jury is still out on this

    Broadcast On April 26, 2015

    ... seemed to be enjoying himself. That established a critical connect with the audience. This was most obvious in his Lok Sabha speech. He taunted the BJP by repeatedly referring to Mr. Modi as “your Prime ...

  • We, neighbours, are like two peas in the same wretched pod

    Broadcast On February 28, 2016

    ... it in Mr. Modi’s Gujarat. But in both places the good citizenry have found clever ways to tipple without fear of detection or punishment. And both governments know and are similar in their laissez-faire ...

  • We need explanations, not just your tweets, Mrs Swaraj

    Broadcast On June 21, 2015

    ... decision to revoke his passport which, incidentally, you were at the time defending in court? Second, would Mrs. Swaraj have taken this decision if Lalit Modi was a stranger and unknown to her? Third, ...

  • Voices from the BJP

    Broadcast On July 14, 2013

    ... Modi and the Ram Mandir issue make a comfortable fit? Modi presents himself as the man who can deliver growth and good governance. He wants to be seen as the leader of the future. Surely the two decade ...

  • Uninformed voting isn’t meaningful democracy

    Broadcast On April 6, 2014

    ... determine those decisions? The answer is very little, if anything at all. That’s why our act of voting falls short of meaningful democracy. It won’t be any different this time. Narendra Modi, Rahul ...

  • Unimpressed by power and money - that’s the message

    Broadcast On February 15, 2015

    ... isn’t loud or even clearly expressed but it lingers beyond the resounding vote. If you don’t deliver we could bundle you out as comprehensively as we swept you in. For Narendra Modi and the BJP the message ...

  • Understanding the nuke deal

    Broadcast On November 23, 2006

    ... without even realising what I’m up to. Clothes, objets d'art, theatre programmes, hotel pens and even boxes of matches. But there’s one commodity I collect with careful deliberation – books. I like ...

  • Understanding the Gen. V. K. Singh controversy

    Broadcast On September 29, 2013

    ... valour? The third question concerns the leak: is it a coincidence it happened days after Gen. V.K. Singh appeared on a platform alongside Narendra Modi or is it an attempt to undermine him because some ...

  • Unbelievable words

    Broadcast On June 24, 2004

    ... of this is a suggestive mountain made out of a coincidental molehill pause and see if you can remember the date on which Mr. Vajpayee made his famous comments about Narendra Modi. It was the 13th. But ...

  • This kind of logic is tough to swallow

    Broadcast On April 9, 2017

    ... revenue to the exchequer could be a thousand crore a day! For Mr. Modi this is particularly dismal. He’s repeatedly spoken of tourism as a growth industry. It attracts foreign investment, creates jobs ...

  • They defend us but there’s no one to defend their rights

    Broadcast On December 28, 2014

    15 months after Mr. Modi demanded One Rank One Pension, 10 months after the UPA granted it, 5 months after Arun Jaitley reconfirmed it and 2 months after the PM boasted in Siachen that “One Rank One Pension ...

  • There’s no fool like one who doesn’t know it!

    Broadcast On March 9, 2014

    ... Modi claims Gujarat has electricity “24/7, 365 days of the year” he must believe that farmers who receive 3 phase electricity for only 8 hours, often at night, either can’t hear him or won’t resent this ...

  • There's an imminent risk of a coo here

    Broadcast On October 16, 2016

    ... urdu presumably addressed to Prime Minister Modi. The note reads: “Modi, we are not the same people from 1971.Now each and every child is ready to fight against India.” The Huffington Post says the pigeon ...

  • The ‘Modification’ of Politics

    Broadcast On December 30, 2007

    Narendra Modi’s stunning victory will change Indian politics decisively, perhaps dramatically, possibly desperately. I have no doubt it’s a turning point. Actually, it will amount to several turning points. ...

  • The ‘clown prince’ and the ‘chaiwallah’s son’

    Broadcast On October 6, 2013

    ... Narendra Modi. As an opposition leader he has every right to criticize the Prime Minister and it’s his prerogative to do so where, when and how he wants. But if the facts he relies on are wrong he will ...