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  • Will Mr. Modi let the BJP trip him up?

    Broadcast On August 31, 2014

    ... reality. In fact, my second question is more pointed: why is Mr. Modi silent? For a Prime Minister who delights in tweeting and commenting frequently this is surprising, if not also worrying. So what ...

  • Why were the Indo-Pak talks called off?

    Broadcast On September 30, 2018

    ... what happened last week truly defies belief. Mr. Modi’s government has a lot of explaining to do. But will it? Or will we be left befuddled? To begin with, why at this time did the government agree to ...

  • Why two wrongs cannot make a right

    Broadcast On July 8, 2018

    ... the Gujarat killings of 2002 we have to bring up the Sikh slaughter of 1984. If we find fault with Narendra Modi’s rhetoric we balance it with a critique of Rahul Gandhi’s tweets. When we discuss the way ...

  • Why Twitter isn't quite my character at all

    Broadcast On October 1, 2017

    These days when everyone, from Modi and Trump, Hollywood and Bollywood actors, authors and journalists and hundreds of million more, is on Twitter I’m often asked why I’m not. With nearly 350 million people ...


    Broadcast On January 30, 2022

    ... – although I’d be very surprised if the answer is in the negative – but I’m confident he would have retained Gandhi’s beloved choice.   So, as he looks down Rajpath towards the seat of the Modi government, ...

  • Why Modi of 2017 is not Modi of 2014

    Broadcast On May 28, 2017

    ... Prime Minister has made I’m struck by a revealing, if not also novel, paradox: Mr. Modi’s strengths also metamorphose into his weaknesses. This means the same evidence can often lead to opposite conclusions. ...

  • Where the State should step back

    Broadcast On January 17, 2021

    ... do so.   Now I’m not saying other governments are different or better. But as an Indian citizen I have a right to tell my own to stop being silly. There’s an awful lot Narendra Modi and his ministers ...

  • When it comes to our chaps, the joke’s never on them

    Broadcast On July 12, 2015

    ... Perhaps they fear we’ll take them seriously and believe it’s the truth? But the day Mr. Modi or Mrs. Gandhi laugh at themselves even their critics could develop some affection for them. The point to remember ...


    Broadcast On March 5, 2023

    ... terminate with Modi’s victory. “There appeared to be an intent to continue the back-channel process”, Sati reveals. “The file on the subject had been reviewed. I was even once told that no major change ...

  • When an economist keeps a personal diary

    Broadcast On July 4, 2021

    ... and inclusiveness – intended as a rap across the Modi government’s knuckles – in his famous Siri Fort speech of 2015? Kaushik Basu, by then at the World Bank.   Basu was invited to brief the President ...

  • When a journalist should draw the line

    Broadcast On June 27, 2021

    ... As opponents of the Modi government, they would inevitably give it a political colour, even though it might not be narrowly party based.   The other concern was the agenda. The invitation said the ...

  • What ‘Zeeks’ could have taught Mr. Modi

    Broadcast On November 10, 2013

    “When the BJP said Modi would make history, did you realize he would literally make it up?” Pertie was laughing but it was a telling point. “If only someone like Zeeks had taught him he wouldn’t have made ...

  • What they didn’t say

    Broadcast On July 28, 2013

    ... is far more important than what they said. Here’s a peek into what they left deliberately unsaid. First, Narendra Modi. He told Reuters he has been given a “thoroughly clean-chit” by the Supreme Court’s ...

  • What should we make of Narendra Modi?

    Broadcast On June 8, 2014

    As the government completes its first fortnight, are we witnessing a new Narendra Modi, as many believe, or was the media simply wrong in its initial understanding of the man? It’s a question I’ve been ...

  • What Modi meant when he wished Rahul

    Broadcast On June 25, 2017

    ... meets the eye. The longer Rahul Gandhi lives the longer he will be the head of the Congress party and, therefore, the longer Mr. Modi will easily defeat the opposition. In the circumstances, I’m surprised ...


    Broadcast On December 24, 2023

    ... of such crimes after Modi won a second term as Prime Minister in 2019 … religious-based hate crimes … doubled.”   Even something as essential as their identity is denied to Muslims. Mohan Bhagwat, ...


    Broadcast On January 21, 2024

    The point I wish to make today is simple and straight forward. The chances of the 28 party INDIA alliance realizing its dream of ‘defeating’ Narendra Modi and the BJP in the forthcoming elections hinges ...


    Broadcast On August 28, 2022

    ... us.   69% have identified issues to do with the economy as the biggest failure of the Modi government. 57% believe things will get worse or, at least, not improve. They far outnumber those who believe ...

  • Well begun, Mr Gandhi, but the jury is still out on this

    Broadcast On April 26, 2015

    ... seemed to be enjoying himself. That established a critical connect with the audience. This was most obvious in his Lok Sabha speech. He taunted the BJP by repeatedly referring to Mr. Modi as “your Prime ...

  • We, neighbours, are like two peas in the same wretched pod

    Broadcast On February 28, 2016

    ... it in Mr. Modi’s Gujarat. But in both places the good citizenry have found clever ways to tipple without fear of detection or punishment. And both governments know and are similar in their laissez-faire ...