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  • Yogi's big challenge: banishing encephalitis

    Broadcast On August 20, 2017

    ... the powerful BJP President, is hardly encouraging: “In this big country there have been many tragedies and this is not the first time. Tragedies have occurred under Congress rule too.” I’m confident ...

  • Yechury's Rajya Sabha exit a godsend for NDA

    Broadcast On August 6, 2017

    ...  Now, when the BJP has more Rajya Sabha MPs than Congress and when the NDA and its friends are no longer heavily outnumbered by the combined opposition, Yechury will be missing. This is particularly dismaying. ...

  • With politicians like these …..

    Broadcast On June 26, 2008

    ... and peace. We should all join hands in giving them a strong response … such elements are not only the enemies of Congress but they are also the enemies of progress and development”. So ...

  • Why two wrongs cannot make a right

    Broadcast On July 8, 2018

    ... BJP without simultaneously striking at Rahul Gandhi and Congress. You can discuss the sins of today without recalling those of the past. There are even times when balance is distorting and we need to ...


    Broadcast On January 30, 2022

    ... nearly 80 years ago but his thoughts and actions have great relevance for the country we’ve become and the way we’re governed. Let me cite two examples.   In 1938, when he was President of the Congress ...

  • Whose nose is longer?

    Broadcast On October 20, 2005

    ...  Everyone of the big five (the others are RJD, Congress, JD(U) and LJP) has at least 33 per cent or more. If anything, the Left parties are worse. In ascending order, 25 per cent of the CPI’s candidates, ...

  • Which would you say is the better one?

    Broadcast On December 23, 1998

    ... tradition and have two of its stalwarts to contend with P.A. Sangma from Congress and Jaipal Reddy of the Janata Dal. They were Rangarajan Kumaramangalam and K.L. Sharma. And, if it serves any purpose, ...

  • Where are you ‘guv’?

    Broadcast On March 10, 2005

    ... if not also immoral behaviour) was in 1952.  Sri Prakash, a former Congressman, was Governor of Madras (as the state was then called) and invited Rajagopalachari (another Congressman) to form a government ...

  • What they didn’t say

    Broadcast On July 28, 2013

    The recent angry exchanges between Congress and BJP hide more than they reveal. Whilst it’s true politicians often don’t speak the truth and rarely the full truth, on this occasion what they glossed over ...

  • What the tapes tell

    Broadcast On November 26, 2010

    ...  agreed to carry messages or speak on her behalf (or that of her clients) to the Congress Party. It’s also clear this was about the inclusion or exclusion of specific DMK MPs in the cabinet, the ...

  • What political parties must not do for votes

    Broadcast On November 1, 2020

    ... influence. Congress’s NYAY scheme of 2019, the DMK’s and AIADMK’s repeated cornucopia of goodies in Tamil Nadu elections and countless loan waivers for farmers by several parties are justified on this ...

  • What Modi meant when he wished Rahul

    Broadcast On June 25, 2017

    ... meets the eye. The longer Rahul Gandhi lives the longer he will be the head of the Congress party and, therefore, the longer Mr. Modi will easily defeat the opposition. In the circumstances, I’m surprised ...


    Broadcast On January 21, 2024

    ... me illustrate with reference to Congress. In states like Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal it must accept recent history confirms its prospects are limited and this isn’t the moment to try and improve them. ...

  • What I admired about Jaswant Singh

    Broadcast On October 4, 2020

    ... Mountbatten were as much to blame for partition as Jinnah. In fact, Congress’s repeated inability to accept muslims feared domination by hindus and wanted a “space” in a “a reassuring system” pushed Jinnah ...


    Broadcast On August 28, 2022

    If anything Ghulam Nabi Azad’s dramatic resignation could push forward a process that maybe underway. I’m referring to the possibility of significant change in the Congress Party which could provide a ...

  • Well begun, Mr Gandhi, but the jury is still out on this

    Broadcast On April 26, 2015

    Has Rahul Gandhi returned a new, reinvigorated and forceful politician? Or are first impressions beguiling but deceptive? The Congress Party has no doubt the answer is a resounding yes. But that’s to be ...

  • We need cricketers like Sachin but definitely not MPs!

    Broadcast On August 17, 2014

    ... In fact, a few were there for less than 10 percent! The 33 include MPs as supposedly responsible as the Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha, the UP Chief Minister’s wife and the Rajasthan Chief Minister’s ...

  • We need a strong Leader of Opposition

    Broadcast On June 23, 2019

    ... And now, because it suits the government, and, oddly enough, the Congress, it seems we could continue in this way. The only legislation that refers to the Leader of Opposition is the Salaries and Allowances ...

  • Unimpressed by power and money - that’s the message

    Broadcast On February 15, 2015

    ... both those that are presently stalled as well as others so far deliberately side-stepped. Finally, Congress. Delhi has turned its back on the party and will not look in its direction until it presents ...

  • Understanding Rahul

    Broadcast On March 10, 2013

    ... to speak out and reveal his actual thinking. The question is what does that tell us about him and what are the implications for the Congress Party and Indian politics? First, what exactly did he say? ...