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  • Yechury's Rajya Sabha exit a godsend for NDA

    Broadcast On August 6, 2017

    ... Who, in his absence, will counter and check the forceful and often convincing performance of Arun Jaitley? On occasion, Kapil Sibal, P. Chidambaram, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Sharad Yadav and Jairam Ramesh can, ...

  • Words, words, words

    Broadcast On May 7, 2010

    ... intended. Here it is: “Baba by day, black sheep by night!”     Now if only Mani Shankar Aiyar had taken recourse to such wit his description of Arun Jaitley could have met ...

  • Where the State should step back

    Broadcast On January 17, 2021

    ... it’s also hypocritical and often untrue.   For instance, beedis are taxed very differently to cigarettes on the grounds they are smoked by poorer Indians. But look at the mess Arun Jaitley got into ...

  • Where does the truth lie in political funding?

    Broadcast On January 14, 2018

    With the recent announcement of the details of the electoral bond scheme, Arun Jaitley’s steps to clean up political funding have met with a sharply polarized response. His admirers claim they’re a far-reaching ...

  • Trying all the wrong things before doing the right one

    Broadcast On July 26, 2015

    ...  Before you start to disagree, let me add that Arun Jaitley, in 2011, agreed with this logic: “There are but rare occasions in history when parliamentary obstructionism is a part of legitimate parliamentary ...

  • They defend us but there’s no one to defend their rights

    Broadcast On December 28, 2014

    15 months after Mr. Modi demanded One Rank One Pension, 10 months after the UPA granted it, 5 months after Arun Jaitley reconfirmed it and 2 months after the PM boasted in Siachen that “One Rank One Pension ...

  • The two faces of Narendra Modi – Politically bold and economically timorous

    Broadcast On October 26, 2014

    ... only going to increase the exemptions. It’s a welcome step but insufficient. That half measures don’t work but only disappoint was actually proven when Arun Jaitley’s budget didn’t revoke retrospective ...

  • The Courage to Speak

    Broadcast On August 21, 2011

    ... done interviews when no one else would. Sitaram Yechury and A. B. Bardhan, when the Left lost in Bengal, both last year and this. Arun Jaitley and Venkaiah from the BJP.” “And beyond politicians?” Now, ...

  • Thank you, smokers, for cutting the fiscal deficit

    Broadcast On December 14, 2014

    ...  One other thing: governments don’t hesitate to increase the tax on cigarettes. They wouldn’t dare do that to bidis. Yet 8 times more people smoke bidis! But as Arun Jaitley unhesitatingly admits, if bidis ...

  • Satyameva Jayate

    Broadcast On January 27, 2005

    ... Kar Sevaks armed with trishuls would allow themselves to be burnt without a murmur of protest.  Again, this stands to reason.  But Arun Jaitley points out that whilst the fire was raging a mob on the ...

  • Power in the wrong hands is ruinous

    Broadcast On June 19, 2016

    ... But the finger points beyond him. The actual responsibility lies with the system that has empowered him. So whilst I welcome Arun Jaitley’s comment that the CBFC should certify and not censor it’s not ...

  • Parliamentary behaviour

    Broadcast On September 1, 2013

    ... the no-confidence debate, or Pramod Mahajan’s in 1998, when the BJP dramatically lost, or the extended session on the Lokpal issue were memorable occasions? When they are permitted, Arun Jaitley and P. ...

  • No clear picture on unemployment in India

    Broadcast On February 10, 2019

    ... So do we have a real and growing hunger for jobs? The government, of course, dismisses this analysis. If the situation is so bad, Arun Jaitley asks, how come we haven’t seen widespread social unrest? ...

  • New poll funding rule won't work

    Broadcast On February 12, 2017

    I guess it was bound to happen. Arun Jaitley’s steps to clean up political funding have met with a sharply polarized response. His admirers claim they are a far-reaching first step worthy of praise. His ...

  • It’s always reassuring when the Centre can hold steady

    Broadcast On May 31, 2015

    ... truth. This thought first struck me when Arun Jaitley explained the government’s position on FDI in retail. As he put it, the NDA government’s position is the same as that of the predecessor UPA regime. ...

  • Interviewers must treat guests as equals

    Broadcast On August 12, 2018

    ... of the HARDtalk variety rather than chat show conversations. The latter are very different. But in the former case when an interviewer calls his guest Arun or Ravi, Sita or Kapil he is establishing a link ...

  • I guess both Bedi and Kejriwal must have a problem with me

    Broadcast On February 8, 2015

    ... that’s just ended. By all accounts the BJP seems worried. Amit Shah took personal charge of its campaign, a dozen ministers were drafted in including Arun Jaitley, despite his pressing pre-occupation ...

  • Free speech gives us the right to offend

    Broadcast On March 12, 2017

    ... In a recent speech in London Arun Jaitley added: “Free speech does not permit you to assault the sovereignty of the country.” I’m not a lawyer but my research leads to a very interesting conclusion. Article ...

  • Dissent is a Gandhian virtue. It is not sedition

    Broadcast On October 13, 2019

    ... it wrong. In a 2017 speech in London, Arun Jaitley said: “Free speech does not permit you to assault the sovereignty of the country”. He was wrong. That’s precisely what the Supreme Court declared in 1995 ...

  • Arun Jaitley, Margaret Thatcher and the oxygen of publicity

    Broadcast On June 18, 2001

    “You media guys are the cause of at least half the so-called political dissidence we read about” Arun Jaitley once sagely commented although, I suspect, he may no longer remember when or ...