Sunday Sentiments

  • How I erred on Biden and Blinken

    Published On January 24, 2021

    I have to admit sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. I turn my silly nose up at opportunities that others would grab with both hands. Well, as Joe Biden settles into the...
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  • Where the State should step back

    Published On January 17, 2021

    Modern governments have a distressing tendency to morph into nanny states. MPs and ministers, whose educational qualifications are often negligible or questionable, pre...
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  • The uncertainty over vaccine authorisation

    Published On January 10, 2021

    Just when we needed clarity we’ve ended up with controversy. When we wanted simple straightforward answers we’re receiving confused and conflicted responses. Conseq...
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  • Goodbye to all that? I'm not so sure

    Published On January 3, 2021

    Of one thing I’m pretty certain. Every paper you pick up this morning will tell you about different ways of looking at the year that’s just rolling out. It’s the ...
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