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  • Arun Shourie

    Broadcast On May 6, 2016

    Arun Shourie's interview calling Modi's a one man govt, heading in a direction not good for India and comparing him to Narcissus, Casanova and Machiavelli and alot more
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  • Subramanian Swamy

    Broadcast On May 5, 2016

    Subramanian Swamy on AgustaWestland and Sonia Gandhi
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  • Anand Sharma

    Broadcast On April 30, 2016

    A tough, quarrelsome and no-holds-barred interview with a lot of anger and some raised voices on AgustaWestland with Anand Sharma
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  • Omar Abdullah

    Broadcast On April 23, 2016

    Omar Abdullah on the Handwara episode, the army, the new militancy in South Kashmir and could we see a repeat of the summer of 2010?
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  • Tavleen Singh

    Broadcast On April 16, 2016

    Was Vajpayee as PM in awe of the Nehru-Gandhis? Is Sonia Gandhis love of India doubtful? In 2009 was Advani "a pathetic old man trying to look young"? And in 2012 was Rahul unable to speak or understand hindi?
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  • Najeeb Jung

    Broadcast On April 11, 2016

    Lt Gov of Delhi on Bharat Mata ki jai, beef bans, anti-nationalism, relations with Arvind Kejriwal, the Shakuntala Gamlin controversy, Kejriwal calling him a dog, the shoe and ink attacks on the CM, police treatment of Kanhaiya and the press, odd-even and AAP MLAs facing disqualification for office of profit
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  • Dinesh Mohan/ Somnath Bharti

    Broadcast On April 9, 2016

    A debate: Is it wise to bring back Odd-Even or a mistake? And what of the growing exemptions?
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  • Muzaffar Hussain Baig

    Broadcast On April 5, 2016

    An exclusive interview with former deputy CM Muzaffar Baig on all the issues and questions confronting Mehbooba Mufti and BJP-PDP alliance
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  • Kapil Sibal

    Broadcast On April 2, 2016

    Kapil Sibal says the Centre's ordinance passing the Uttarakhand Appropriation Bill is "unbelievable and unconstitutional" and the fact the Governor asked Rawat to prove his majority after the Appropriation Bill dispute proves it was passed
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  • Shashi Tharoor

    Broadcast On March 26, 2016

    Shashi Tharoor says Indians have the right to refuse to say Bharat Mata ki jai, says Congress MLAs in Maharashtra were intimidated into suspending Pathan. Finally, he seems to agree with Mr. Modi that its unacceptable to criticize the nation.
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