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  • Shashi Tharoor

    Broadcast On November 8, 2016

    Shashi Tharoor on his book An Era of Darkness on how the British Raj was a disaster for India- where he's right and where he's not convincing
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  • Milkha & Jeev Milkha Singh

    Broadcast On November 6, 2016

    Milkha Singh and Jeev Milkha Singh: an incredible, heart-warming story of pain, suffering, success and joy. All the emotions a human being can experience
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  • Farooq Abdullah

    Broadcast On October 25, 2016

    Farooq Abdullah on the seriousness of the situation in Kashmir and what needs to be done
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  • Nitin & Neil Nitin Mukesh

    Broadcast On October 23, 2016

    Nitin and Neil Nitin Mukesh sing, laugh, joke and talk about their lives with a lot of emotion and affection
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  • Kapil Sibal

    Broadcast On October 18, 2016

    Kapil Sibal says the PM deserves full credit for the surgical strikes but don't politicise them, BRICS was badly handled, India made no headway on terror and Pakistan and China refuted and snubbed mothership of terror comment and more
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  • Rahul & Sanjiv Bajaj

    Broadcast On October 16, 2016

    A delightful, revealing and entertaining conversation with Rahul Bajaj and his incredible son Sanjiv who’s more than inherited his Dad’s Midas touch
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  • Abdul Basit

    Broadcast On October 12, 2016

    Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit's first TV interview after Uri and the surgical strikes on all the issues at the heart of the Indo-Pak crisis.
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  • Leander & Vece Paes

    Broadcast On October 9, 2016

    Interview with Leander Paes and Vece Paes - a fascinating, heart-warming and delightful episode.
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  • Sanjaya Baru

    Broadcast On September 28, 2016

    Is Narasimha Rao one of India's great PMs who hasn't got the credit he deserves? And did Congress under Sonia disown him because he proved to be a better PM than Rajiv ? Watch an interview with Sanjay Baru to find out why the answer is yes
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  • Ram Madhav

    Broadcast On September 10, 2016

    Ram Madhav's exclusive interview on the situation in Kashmir where he has said the BJP and the government are open to talks with the Hurriyat and has accepted that there have been mistakes made by the govt in handling the Kashmir situation.
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