Sunday Sentiments

  • The Goan connection I had with Parrikar

    Published On March 24, 2019

    I can’t claim to have known Manohar Parrikar well but what I knew of him I liked. He was warm, affable, candid and a very accessible politician. He may not have been ...
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  • Can Balakot affect the 2019 election?

    Published On March 17, 2019

    With the election dates announced I would reckon there’s one question that’s probably on everyone’s lips: have the Pulwama terror attack and the Balakot airstrike...
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  • Hot food, a dry wine and an old brandy

    Published On March 10, 2019

    Dr. Johnson once said when a man is tired of London he’s tired of life.  Let me add a corollary : To appreciate London to the full you have to over-indulge yourself....
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  • All sport is politics by other means

    Published On March 3, 2019

    Is there a danger that the present unbridled mood of nationalism and heightened anti-Pakistan sentiment could end up damaging India’s sporting interests? To put it co...
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