Sunday Sentiments

  • Populism isn't in the spirit of democracy

    Published On October 22, 2017

    Politicians like to please which is why populism comes easily to them. The opposite is also true. Policies or decisions that are painful are viewed as signs of rectitud...
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  • Perplexed by braid chopping in Kashmir

    Published On October 15, 2017

    Do you ever wonder about the strange developments that sometimes occur in our country and which, thereafter, mesmerize large sections of the population? Statues of Gane...
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  • The Taj Mahal is a victim of prejudice

    Published On October 8, 2017

    It could either be rank ignorance or plain prejudice and I have a hunch I know which it is. The UP government’s attitude to the Taj Mahal is more than negligence. It ...
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  • Why Twitter isn't quite my character at all

    Published On October 1, 2017

    These days when everyone, from Modi and Trump, Hollywood and Bollywood actors, authors and journalists and hundreds of million more, is on Twitter I’m often asked why...
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