Sunday Sentiments

  • The jury is still out on demonetisation

    Published On January 22, 2017

    Are reports of the slowing down of the economy post-demonetization anecdotal, as the Finance Minister has claimed? Or are they substantial and credible? Seventy five da...
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  • Black money and its shades of grey

    Published On January 15, 2017

    Two months into demonetization is an opportune moment to assess what we’ve achieved. I plan to do so in terms of its main aim to eliminate black money which, undoubte...
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  • Why I spend every New Year in Britain

    Published On January 8, 2017

    For over thirty years I’ve made a point of celebrating the new year in London. When asked why I do this I’ve replied, tongue-in-cheek, because I believe it’s impo...
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  • A letter from Peter Mukherjea

    Published On January 1, 2017

    The New Year is an occasion for new beginnings. A moment when those of us who’ve made mistakes or fallen on bad times can start afresh. Quite simply it’s a second c...
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