Sunday Sentiments

  • The question is: Should men wear fragrances

    Published On December 9, 2018

    Should a man wear scent?  Or are the aromatic flavours only for the feminine sex?  This may sound a touch esoteric but it’s at the top of my mind this sunday mornin...
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  • Why Britain will stay in the European Union

    Published On December 2, 2018

    I’m going to do something this morning I’ve rarely done before. I’m going to stick my neck out and make a prediction. Of course, I might end up horribly wrong but...
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  • Why Indian media can't emulate the US media

    Published On November 25, 2018

    Last week Justice Markandey Katju answered a question that has frequently been put to me. Actually it’s one that a lot of people have started to ask: ‘Is the Indian...
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  • An Anglo-Saxon name for a city isn't unusual

    Published On November 18, 2018

    What’s in a name? Unless I’m terribly mistaken, this was the title of a popular strip cartoon in my teens. It would appear in the sunday papers which I eagerly anti...
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