Sunday Sentiments

  • We cannot pray for them in a vacuum

    Published On October 23, 2016

    In a democracy do we have the right to know the full details of the health of our chief ministers and prime ministers? Or is their right of privacy greater than our nee...
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  • There's an imminent risk of a coo here

    Published On October 16, 2016

    If you ever needed proof that a fine line divides genius from madness and it’s often indistinguishable and frequently crossed, the foreign media seems to have found i...
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  • Do not equate the ISI with all of Pakistan

    Published On October 9, 2016

    One of the worst mistakes you can make is to attempt to beat your opponent by imitating him. Yet it’s easily done. When you feel you need to retaliate by hitting back...
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  • It's for Pakistan to decide what it wants

    Published On October 2, 2016

    We’ve done what we had to do and by all accounts we’ve done it well. An anti-terror strike across the Line of Control has been efficiently executed even if Pakistan...
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