Sunday Sentiments

  • The Congress has lost its funny bone

    Published On February 19, 2017

    Congress is hopping mad. The Party’s fury has been roused by Narendra Modi’s rhetoric. It believes he’s been rude to Manmohan Singh. It’s demanded an apology an...
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  • New poll funding rule won't work

    Published On February 12, 2017

    I guess it was bound to happen. Arun Jaitley’s steps to clean up political funding have met with a sharply polarized response. His admirers claim they are a far-reach...
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  • Civilians cannot pull off the salute

    Published On February 5, 2017

    Perhaps because I’m an army son it rankles and I wince each time I see a civilian attempting a military salute. The sad but brutal truth is they don’t know how to d...
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  • How a President Trump affects India

    Published On January 29, 2017

    Does Donald Trump present an opportunity or a challenge for India? That depends on how seriously you take what he’s said. Until he acts we’ve nothing else to go by....
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