Sunday Sentiments

  • India and Pakistan must stop being petty

    Published On March 18, 2018

    There are times when India and Pakistan seem to behave like children intent upon quarrelling with each other. Rarely is this more so than when their diplomats indulge i...
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  • When individuals win and institutions lose

    Published On March 11, 2018

    Could it be that former holders of high constitutional office, where neutrality is a sine qua non, are unconcerned about the message their post-retirement behaviour sen...
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  • We're not all Hindus, but we're all Indians

    Published On March 4, 2018

    The argument that we’re all hindus because, once upon a time, hinduism was the original and only religion of the sub-continent doesn’t cut much ice with me. Because...
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  • The truth about the Justin Trudeau 'snub'

    Published On February 25, 2018

    It doesn’t really matter whether the Modi government sought to snub Justin Trudeau because so widespread is the belief it has the impression is taken as fact. This is...
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