Sunday Sentiments

  • Why Vajpayee's death leaves us all poorer

    Published On August 19, 2018

    For a politician Atal Bihari Vajpayee had a most engaging smile. It seemed to cover his entire face and, at the same time, made his eyes twinkle. That gave him an appea...
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  • Interviewers must treat guests as equals

    Published On August 12, 2018

    “I say”, began Pertie, with the air of someone who has an important question to ask, “How should television interviewers address their guests? Our lot do so in a ...
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  • How Assam's NRC is one big political mess

    Published On August 5, 2018

    The updating of the National Register of Citizens in Assam has landed us in a frightful mess and the fact it’s happened under Supreme Court supervision doesn’t make...
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  • Curbs on international media are not wise

    Published On July 29, 2018

    Bad or outdated rules and laws should be allowed to fall into disuse or, better still, repealed. That would be the sensible thing to do. Alas, we have an example of a b...
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