Sunday Sentiments

  • A silly conversation is a nonversation

    Published On June 17, 2018

    Did you know that the English language has no words that rhyme with month, orange, silver and purple? Were you aware that hungry and angry are the only words that end w...
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  • From a Kohinoor to a tiresome millstone

    Published On June 10, 2018

    Did the government bungle the privatization of Air India? With not a single individual or entity interested in acquiring the airline it’s hard to conclude otherwise. ...
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  • Jeremy Thorpe story: A classic Greek tragedy

    Published On June 3, 2018

    Only the British could think of this! A three-part prime time serial on the attempted murder of the homosexual lover of a leading British politician. And it’s not fic...
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  • A December election makes sense for Modi

    Published On May 27, 2018

    After recent developments in Karnataka are we in a better position to assess when the national elections might be? Does the Karnataka experience offer a few clear hints...
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