Sunday Sentiments

  • It all boils down to the numbers game

    Published On March 19, 2017

    Has democracy been “murdered” in Goa and Manipur? Has the first right to try and form a government been “stolen” from Congress? Or is the party mistaken about t...
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  • Free speech gives us the right to offend

    Published On March 12, 2017

    Do citizens of India have the right to peacefully and non-violently call for azaadi for Kashmir and Bastar or advocate separation and division? Most lawyers will say th...
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  • Demonetisation has not hurt the BJP

    Published On March 5, 2017

    With less than a week for the state election results it’s time to try to answer a contentious question. Is it the case demonetization has not diminished the BJP or Mr...
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  • No more questions, we're on twitter

    Published On February 26, 2017

    Let me start with an admission. I don’t use Twitter and often joke that those who do are twits. Indeed, for me, the term hashtag used to be rather misleading. So I ha...
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