Sunday Sentiments

  • Let's keep the flag of optimism flying

    Published On December 4, 2016

    Pertie has a knack of asking seemingly innocent questions that require you to think long and hard before you’re confident of the answer. That’s what...
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  • Here's a rupee for your thoughts

    Published On November 27, 2016

    Three weeks after demonetization I believe we can attempt to credibly answer two critical questions: how effective will this be in extinguishing black m...
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  • How a strike after 26/11 was avoided

    Published On November 20, 2016

    When people who have been at the centre of critical developments write their memoirs and truthfully recount what happened it can make for fascinating reading. Shivshank...
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  • Ending questioning is ending democracy

    Published On November 13, 2016

    Perhaps he didn’t think through the implications of what he said or may be he said more than he intended but, whatever the explanation, Kiren Rijiju...
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